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Military History of Ukraine
Alex K Kievan Rus..svg Kievan Rus'
Alex K Halych-Volhynia-flag.svg Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia
Chorągiew królewska króla Zygmunta III Wazy.svg Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Flag of the Cossack Hetmanat.svg Zaporizhian Host
War flag of Austria-Hungary (1918).svg Austria-Hungary
Flag of the Ukrainian People's Republic Ukrainian People's Republic
RPAU flag.svg Free Territory
Flag of Carpatho-Ukraine Carpatho-Ukraine
Flag of the UPA Ukrainian National Government
Flag of the Ukrainian SSR Ukrainian SSR
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Voyi (singular voi or voy) was a category of armed forces in ancient Rus.

Unlike the standing force druzhina, voi force was drafted from a local population. Next to the druzhina, the voyi formed a basis of an army in Rus'. A Voivode (voi - "army", vode - "to lead", meaning "Warlord") was appointed by a prince (knyaz) in charge of them.