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vpopmail is a free GPL software package, to provide a way to manage virtual e-mail domains and non /etc/passwd e-mail accounts on qmail mail servers. Originally developed by Inter7


  • Support for 1 to 23 million virtual e-mail domains using a "grow as it goes" balanced directory tree.
  • Support for 1 to 23 million e-mail users per domain using the same balanced tree structure.
  • Automates all qmail configurations into scriptable command line programs and documented API library calls.
  • Automates Unix user/group/other permissions of directories and files.
  • Supports authenticated relay control of qmail smtp servers.
  • Needs only one user in /etc/passwd for all email accounts.
  • Supports name or IP based virtual domains
  • Configurable logging.
  • Support for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, LDAP, Sybase, and default cdb authentication storage.
  • Delivers directly to Maildir for use with qmail-pop3d, .qmail files or any other Maildir program.
  • No need to have hundreds of .qmail files for virtual domains. Each domain gets its own directory under vpopmail user with a unique password file for each domain.
  • Documented command line programs that can be used in scripts or for remote admin.
  • Documented C library for vpopmail features and transactions.
  • Daemon that manages mail accounts via TCP/IP control port.

Operating system requirements[edit]

vpopmail is known to be running on at least the following operating systems:

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