Vrátna dolina

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Vrátna dolina (Vrátna Valley) as seen from the Poludňový Grúň (1,460 m) mountain
Vrátna dolina

Vrátna dolina or Vrátna Valley is a valley in the Malá Fatra mountain range in Slovakia. It is situated 3 kilometers from the village of Terchová in the Žilina Region. Vrátna dolina covers an area of approximately 36 km² (13,9 mi²).[1] There are four access points into the valley: Tiesňavy, Stará dolina, Nová dolina, and Starý dvor.



Vrátna is one of the most visited tourist and ski destinations in Slovakia. The ski resort Vrátna is situated at altitudes from 600 to 1,550 m AMSL and offers 16 slopes. Since 2006, Vrátna offers a cable car Vrátna (740 m) - Chleb (1,490 m), using 8-seat gondolas. It also offers cross-country skiing and other winter activities, and biking and hiking trails.


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