Vrabac Mini UAV

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UAV Vrabac.jpg
Role Remote controlled, UAV
Manufacturer Utva Aviation Industry
Designer Military Technical Institute Belgrade
Introduction 2008
Status active
Primary user Serbian Army
Produced 2008-present
Number built 50+

The Vrabac (Sparrow) is a mini drone intended for day/night reconnaissance and surveillance at shorter distances, as well as for target finding and designating, produced in Serbia by Utva.[1]


The VRABAC is a high-wing monoplane made of composite materials. Its fuselage is aerodynamically shaped around the equipment. The nose part contains an 800W DC motor powered by a Li-pol battery while the space below and behind it is intended for electro-optical equipment. The airborne computer is in the central part. The UAV is hand launched and lands with a parachute and an airbag.


The Vrabac drone is designed to survey and analyze major infrastructural facilities such as pipelines, major roads, bridges, forests, etc.

Performances and technical characteristics[edit]

Vrabac weighs 5.3 kg with a 2.80 meter wing span. It can carry a payload of maximum of 1.5 kg. It has a total of 1 hour flying time and has a maximum flight speed of 85km/h. The operational range of the Vrabac is 10 km+ and it has an operating height of 300 to 500 meters.[2]

Engine: DC electric, 800 W
Propeller: Two blades, graphite composite
Battery: Li-Po 28V, 8000mAh
Wing span: 2.806 m
Wing area: 0.75 m2
Length: 1.94 m
Weight (without payload): 5.5 kg
Maximum payload weight: <1.5 kg
Max takeoff weight: 7 kg
Max speed: 120 km/h
Cruising speed: 61 km/h
Operational altitude (AGL): 300 - 500m
Flight duration: 1+ h 1+ h
Launching: Automatic, hand launch
Landing: Automatic, parachute and airbag, Optional: belly landing
Uplink: UHF, frequency-hopping spread spectrum
Downlink: S-band, digital, coded
Guiding: Fully autonomous way points tracking, holding, camera guiding, Emergency and return home mode


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