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Vratislav Effenberger (22 April 1923 in Nymburk; - 10 August 1986 in Prague) was a Czech literature theoretician. He has German Bohemian descent from his paternal side, but has assimilated into Czech.

Life and career[edit]

In 1944, Effenberger left industrial school with his Abitur. He went to study chemistry and the history of art as well as aesthetics at the philosophical faculty. Starting from 1946, he joined the Czechoslovakian Film institute, from which he was dismissed 1954. He was then a worker until 1966 and later was appointed to the Czech Academy of Sciences. In 1970, he was dismissed for political reasons and had to take a job as a nightwatchman. In 1969, he became editor of the surrealist magazine Analogue; which around 1968 it published newspapers and magazines, which were concerned with literature, theatre or art.


The largest part of his works were self-published in handwritten form. Admits became its film film script Surovost života A cynismus fantasie (rawness of the life and the cynicism of the fantasy), (Toronto 1984), Prague 1991 beside it numerous its article in newspapers and magazines was published. Some of his works were seized and destroyed by the security services.[citation needed]


  • Henri Rousseau, 1963 Monographie
  • Reality and poetry (Realita A poezie), 1969
  • Formative expressions Surrealismus (Výtvarné projevy surrealismu), 1969
  • Development of thearalischer styles (Vývoj divadelních slohů), 1972 self publishing house
  • Roheit of the life and cynicism of the fantasy (Surovost života A cynismus fantasie), 1984, Toronto, film film script
  • Hunt for the black shark (Lov well černého žraloka), 1987 Munich, poems


  • Surrealisti poetry (Surrealistická poezie) (1969)
  • Models and methods (Modely A metody) (1969)
  • Treasure of seeing (Poklad vidění) - a study from the history of the modern forming art. (1970)
  • Karel of pastes (1970)
  • Karel Havlíček (1971)
  • Picture and word (Obraz A slovo) (1971) * Osvobozené divadlo (1972–73)
  • Karel baron (1977)
  • The Trumbild and imagination (Vidění A imaginace) (1977)

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