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Vrbov 1.JPG
Country Slovakia
Region Prešov
District Kežmarok
Coordinates 49°05′N 20°26′E / 49.083°N 20.433°E / 49.083; 20.433Coordinates: 49°05′N 20°26′E / 49.083°N 20.433°E / 49.083; 20.433
Population 1,224 (2004-12-31)
Postal code 059 72
Car plate KK
Location of Vrbov in Slovakia
Location of Vrbov in Slovakia
Location of Vrbov in the Prešov Region
Location of Vrbov in the Prešov Region
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Statistics: MOŠ/MIS

Vrbov is a village and municipality in the Kežmarok District in the Prešov Region of Slovakia.[1]

Economy and infrastructure[edit]

Vrbov is a big village with touristic infrastructure. The first surviving mention was in a charter from 1251, when the Slavic village of Werbew was noted in a description of boundaries. In 1268, the German village "villa Menhardi" was noted. The two villages merged around 1271 and the resulting small town had a German character till 1945.

There are several accommodation facilities including pensions and camping site. Cultural sightseeings are classical evangelical and gothic Catholic churches as well as renaissance belfry from 17th century.


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Menhard/Vrbov: Ein Dorf in der Oberzips. Ivan Chalupecky & kol. Kezmarok: Vivit 2005.

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