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Vrbovec Town Stadium
Vrbovec Town Stadium
Vrbovec is located in Croatia
Location of Vrbovec in Croatia
Coordinates: 45°53′N 16°26′E / 45.883°N 16.433°E / 45.883; 16.433Coordinates: 45°53′N 16°26′E / 45.883°N 16.433°E / 45.883; 16.433
Country  Croatia
County Zagreb County.png Zagreb
Municipality seat Vrbovec
 • Mayor Denis Kralj (SDP)
 • Total 159.05 km2 (61.41 sq mi)
Highest elevation 125 m (410 ft)
Population (2011)[2]
 • Total 15,797
 • Density 99/km2 (260/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 10340
Area code(s) 01
Vehicle registration ZG
Website www.vrbovec.hr

Vrbovec (Croatian pronunciation: [ʋr̂boʋet͡s]) is a town in Zagreb County, Croatia, lying to the northeast of the capital Zagreb.


The town of Vrbovec lies to the north-east of Zagreb, either 32 km (20 mi) along the highway A4 (Zagreb — Sv.Helena), and then D10 expressway (Sv. Helena — Vrbovec) or 40 km (25 mi) by the old state road, Zagreb — Dugo Selo — Bjelovar, and by train through direction Zagreb — Vrbovec - Koprivnica - Hungary.


In the 2011 Croatian census, the total population of the administrative territory of Vrbovec was 14,797, in the following settlements:[2]

In 2011, 97.66% of the population were Croats.[3]


City government, court, police, health and postal services are the part of infrastructure of Vrbovec. From 2001 to 2005 the mayor was Zlatko Herček (HSS). He was succeeded by Vladimir Bregović (HDZ) in 2005. After 12 years in office Mayor Bregović was succeeded in 2017 by Denis Kralj (SDP). Kralj won the highest number of votes in the second round elections since the introduction of direct elections for mayor in Vrbovec.


Vrbovec in 1740

Vrbovec was first mentioned in written documents dated April 21, 1244. The document today lies in the Archbishop's archive in Zagreb, in serial Privilegialia. It was published by Croatian-Hungarian King Bela III (IV), where feudal field was given to the countman Junk, the son of Izak from Ravno (village), whose right are confirmed from the Koloman (brother of King Bela). The countman Junk was the higher officer at Križevci's county.

A mid-air airplane collision occurred near Vrbovec on September 10, 1976.[4]


The main industries in Vrbovec are the production of meat and meat products, bricks, and metal working machines. The most important local employer is Meat Industry PIK Vrbovec, which employs 1500 people. As a part of the conglomeration Agrokor, it has become a very important producer of meat in the last few years in Croatia. Other local companies include Gradip (brickworks), Oprema Vrbovec which manufactures transport technology machinery, and the Society of Private entrepreneurs of Vrbovec.

Notable people[edit]

Monuments and Sightseeings[edit]

Tower of Petar Zrinski

Notable buildings in Vrbovec include the Mausoleum of family De Piennes in the local cemetery. the Tower of Petar Zrinski in Vrbovec, the castle of Patačić in Vrbovec, the castle of Lovrečina Grad, and the church of Saint Vitus in Vrbovec.


The first elementary school was founded in 1669. Today Vrbovec has two elementary schools and one high-school.


Vrbovec has got a local small cinema, culture-art society HKUD "Petar Zrinski", a library, a radio station Vrbovec, and the people's university of Vrbovec. There is no local TV station, theatre (opera) or university. People travel to Zagreb as the centre of these activities.

"Kaj su jeli naši stari" is the main annual event in Vrbovec. June 15 is the town day, and the celebration of Saint Vitus, the protector of Vrbovec. Vrbovečka udruga mladih is an organisation very popular among the younger people of Vrbovec.


The local Soccer Club is NK "Vrbovec", usually a member of third division of the Croatian Soccer League. There is a Basketball Club KK "Petar Zrinski", and a Wrestling club HK "Vrbovec".


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