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Brindabani Sarang or Brindavani Sarang is a Hindustani classical raga.


Brindabani Sarang is a Kafi thaat raga. It was created by Swami Haridas. He brought Lord Krishna to earth by singing this raga who took the form of an idol which can still be seen in Mathura.

The notes Ga and dha are not used in this raga. Its origin from thaat Kaafi is peculiar as it uses the shuddha form of "ni" in its Aaroha, whereas the komala form of "ni" and "ga" is the main characteristic of the Kaafi thaat. So it is possible to make a mistake in identifying its thaat as Khamaj.

Arohana & Avarohana[edit]


Sa Re Ma Pa Ni Sa
            also written as: S R M P N S


Sa ni(komal) Pa Ma Re Sa.
            also written as: S n P M R S

Ni swara is Shuddha in Arohana and Komal in Avarohana.

Vadi & Samavadi[edit]

Vadi re

Samavadi pa

Pakad or Chalan[edit]

Re MA Pa Ni(Komal) Pa Ma Re Ma Re Ni Sa

Organization & Relationships[edit]

Thaat: Kafi

Samay (Time)[edit]

Madhyanah (noon), Afternoon Generally evenings as it is generally sung as a part of Mehfil.


It is gradually regarded as a raaga of summer season.


Shringar Rasa: The Rasa of Romance. It creates a romantic and mystic atmosphere.

Related Raga[edit]

Madhumad Sarang where shuddha ni is dropped. It is still considered a chanchal raga. Please note that Megh malhar has same notes but it is dhrupad anga raga and is serious in rendering with a lot of meend.

Important Recordings[edit]

Rashid khan - Bhimsen Joshi - Jhuti Muti Mitwa[1] - Lata Mangeshkar -


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