Vrishabhavathi River

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The Vrishabhavathi River(Kannada: ವೃಷಭಾವತಿ ನದಿ) is a minor river that flows through the south of the Indian city of Bengaluru.[1] The river was once so pristine that the water from it was used for drinking and used by the famous Gali Anjaneya temple. [2]


The origin of the river is through near the Bull temple in Basavanagudi and she flows through major areas like Guddadahalli, Bapujinagar, RajaRajeshwari Nagar, Kengeri . An interesting fact about the river is that it culminates in a reservoir named after itself 'Vrishabhavathi Reservoir' .[3]

Pollution and current concerns.[edit]

Currently It is highly polluted due to pollutants from industrial, agricultural and domestic sources.[1][4] The river is today also knows as Kengeri Mori[3](Gutter of Kengeri). [5]

In 2005, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka, Dharam Singh proposed to remodel the river valley to include widening of the river, and adopt measures to prevent inundation.[6]