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Vrmac (1).jpg
Vrmac (central), as observed from Mount Lovćen
Highest point
Elevation785 m (2,575 ft)
Coordinates42°26′56″N 18°43′41″E / 42.4489°N 18.7280°E / 42.4489; 18.7280Coordinates: 42°26′56″N 18°43′41″E / 42.4489°N 18.7280°E / 42.4489; 18.7280
Vrmac is located in Montenegro
Location in Montenegro
Parent rangeLovćen

Vrmac (Montenegrin: Врмац) is a mountain in south-western Montenegro, overlooking the coastal town of Tivat and a peninsula dividing Tivat Bay from Kotor Bay.

It is an extension of Mount Lovćen, and its highest peak is Sveti Ilija (Saint Elijah), which is 785 meters high. It is located north of town of Tivat, and encloses town of Kotor from the south. It is also the site of the Austro-Hungarian Fort Vrmac, built in 1860.

Vrmac Tunnel, which connects Kotor with the Adriatic Highway, goes through the mountain. Vrmac is a popular destination for hiking, orienteering and mountain biking.[1]

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