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Vroman's Bookstore
FoundedPasadena (November 14, 1894)
FounderA.C. Vroman
HeadquartersPasadena, California

Vroman's Bookstore an independent bookstore. It is the oldest and largest independent bookstore in Southern California.[1] Founded in 1894 by Adam Clark Vroman, the original Vroman's Book and Photographic Supply store was located at 60 E. Colorado St in Pasadena, California. Mr. Vroman loved books and loved giving back to his community. Mr. Vroman was also a passionate photographer, specializing in scenes of the American West and his portraits of Native Americans. When Mr. Vroman died in 1916, he left the bookstore to longtime employees.[2]

Vroman's Bookstore holds an important place in Southern California’s history. For many years, Vroman's was the largest bookstore west of the Mississippi, and it continues to be the oldest and largest independent bookstore in Southern California. During World War II, Vroman's donated and delivered books to Japanese Americans interned at nearby camps, returning on several occasions despite being fired upon by camp guards.

Through the years, it has continued to be an independently owned family business. In 2009, Vroman's bought another beloved independent bookstore, Book Soup in West Hollywood, after its owner died and the store was in danger of closing.

Vroman's is also famous for its world class author signings and events. The store hosts over 400 free community events a year including children's storytimes, trivia nights, craft classes, bake-offs, and special launch parties, and has hosted such authors as President Bill Clinton, President Jimmy Carter, Irving Stone, Upton Sinclair, Ray Bradbury, David Sedaris, Salman Rushdie, Walter Mosely, Joan Didion, Barbara Walters, Anne Rice, Neil Gaiman, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Bernie Sanders.[3]

In 2008, Vroman's was honored with the Publishers Weekly Bookseller of the Year award.

Recent history[edit]

In 2008, Vroman's was named Bookseller of the Year by Publishers Weekly, an international news magazine of book publishing.[4][5]

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