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Vs. Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Polygon Magic
Publisher(s) THQ
Platform(s) PlayStation
  • NA: November 3, 1997
  • EU: June 1998
Genre(s) Fighting game

Vs. is a PlayStation video game developed by Polygon Magic and published by THQ in 1997. The game, a 3D fighter, features 20 polygonal, gang-based characters (designed by former Marvel Comics artist Kurtis Fujita)[1] brawling in a two-dimensional environment. Players select different members of each gang to fight rival gangs on their respective turfs.

The title is a port and an American localized version of Fighters' Impact, which was released only on the Japanese PlayStation and in Japanese arcades.


Players select a game mode to play then select one of the sixteen initially available fighters based on American gang stereotypes.[2] Each fighter represents one of the four different street gangs. Four bosses become available for selection upon certain conditions being met. Twelve different arenas based on real-life locations are used for combat, fighting styles used include karate, aikido and kung fu, among others.[3]


The game drew some criticism from parents and religious groups for including a pimp character named Slim Daddy among its fighters, however, the game was not a big success by any standard, and the controversy faded quickly.


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