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VSDX Annotator for Mac OS X
Operating systemMac OS X
TypeBusiness software
WebsiteVSDX Annotator homepage

VSDX Annotator is a software application to view and annotate Microsoft Visio documents on the Apple Mac OS X [1] operating system. There are some Visio file Viewers or Visio alternatives for creating flowcharts, diagrams, mind-maps, concept-maps and other graphical data. VSDX Annotator[2] is the first application that allows you to comment and annotate[3] MS Visio files on OS X.


VSDX Annotator allows annotating[4] Visio drawings - flowcharts, diagrams, schemes, and other visual graphic files on a Mac. It makes it possible to view multi-page drawings while displaying shape data, layers, and hyperlinks. The Annotation tab includes 16 tools that can be used to edit files. The Viewing tab contains 12 tools to navigate drawings. VSDX Annotator provides an ability to export modified Visio files in a PDF, send the PDF via email and save VSDX files in the same extension.

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