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Type of site
Social Networking
Available in
OwnerООО «ВСетиБай»
Created byAlexey Savik,
Alexander Metelica
LaunchedApril 20, 2006; 15 years ago (2006-04-20)

Vseti.by (also known as ВСети.by) was a popular Belarusian social networking service.[1]

The resource was originally launched as an additional service to the Vitebsk portal vitebsk.ws, later became an independent project. The founders of Alexey Savik and Alexandr Metelica.



  • April 7 The Social Network "VSeti" was launched in a test mode, as an additional service to the Vitebsk portal vitebsk.ws.
  • 20 April Join the social network "VSeti.by" as a separate project and transfer it to the domain of «vseti.by».[2]


  • March 27 to the functional site Add one more opportunity - to provide personal domain name for your page.[3]
  • September 8 put into test operation function invitations to the website via SMS.[4]
  • September 19 In editing the page, a new tab "Pets».[5]
  • Alexander Metelica and Alexey Savik participate in the conference "Business Internet" (off-line the largest event dedicated to the internet and carried out in Belarus since 2006),[6] where the founders VSeti.by first publicly spoke about the achievements of your project.[7][8]


  • February 16 The base of "VSeti.by».[9]
  • March 16 Site Vseti.by was unavailable most of the day. The technical part of the project moved to Minsk, due to the lack of resources link Vitebsk data center "Beltelecom».[10]
  • November 7 radio to his team was able to establish anyone.


  • February 7 complicate the authorization on the site.[11]
  • February 13 has its first application on the website.[12]
  • March 17 Participation [13] as experts in Vitebsk InvestUikende (non-profit event, a business forum aimed at increasing the number of innovative business projects, the implementation of breakthrough business ideas and implementation of technologies, support for innovators, inventors and start-up entrepreneurs, to attract business investment projects and companies in the early stages of development).[14]
  • 4 June launched the first test version of the service Videoavatarki [15] (paid service)
  • June 13 at 16:00 Minsk time millionth user. It was Anna Kachan, ninth-grader from Logoysk.[16]
  • October 11 replaced favicon of the site. Now this silver ladybug depicted in dark-green background.


  • November 21 Founders vseti.by announced the closure of the project. The main reason - uncompetitive
  • November 30 have been disabled server, but the main page of the project works. It displays the Belarusian news portal TUT.BY.


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