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Coordinates: 53°25′16″N 33°49′37″E / 53.420991°N 33.826904°E / 53.420991; 33.826904

Vshchizh burial mound 2006.
Road from Ovstug to Vshchizh 2006.

Vshchizh (Russian: Вщиж) was an old Russian town on the Desna River (today's Bryansk Oblast) between the 11th and 13th centuries. Vshchizh was first mentioned in a chronicle of 1142. In the mid-12th century, it was an appanage town of Prince Svyatoslav Vladimirovich. In 1238, Vshchizh was destroyed by the Mongols.

As a result of the excavations in the 1840s and then in 1940 and 1948–1949 (by a Soviet archaeologist Boris Rybakov), they found the remnants of different buildings and fortifications and a number of artifacts. This quiet spot has been Fyodor Tyutchev's inspiration for many of his poems.

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