Vuelta a Aragón

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Vuelta a Aragón
Race details
RegionAragón, Spain
English nameTour of Aragón
Local name(s)Vuelta a Aragón (in Spanish)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeStage race
First edition1939 (1939)
Final edition2018
First winner Antonio Andrés (ESP)
Most wins Leonardo Piepoli (ITA) (3 wins)
Final winner Jaime Rosón (ESP)

Vuelta a Aragón is a professional bicycle road race held in Spain in May of each year. The event was first run in 1939, and was not held between 2006 and 2017. The future of the race is uncertain; there had been plans to organise it again, but an effort to revive it in 2009 failed due to a lack of sufficient sponsorship to be held.[1] It was not until May 2018 that another race was organized; it was added to the UCI road calendar as a 2.1 road race event on the Europe Tour.[2]


Rider Team
1939 Spain Antonio Andrés (ESP)
No race
1954 Spain Francisco Alomar (ESP)
No race
1965 Spain José Pujol (ESP)
1966 Spain Salvador Canet (ESP)
1967 Spain José Luis Uribezubia (ESP)
1968 Spain José Manuel Abellán (ESP)
1969 Spain Jesús Manzaneque (ESP)
1972 No race
1970 Spain Pedro Santamaría (ESP)
1971 Spain Ramón Sáez (ESP)
1973 Spain Jesús Manzaneque (ESP)
1974 Spain Francisco Elorriaga (ESP)
1975 Spain Agustín Tamames (ESP)
1976 Spain Francisco Elorriaga (ESP)
1977 Spain Javier Nazabal (ESP)
1978 Spain Jesús Suárez Cueva (ESP)
1979 Spain Roque Moya (ESP)
1980 Spain Faustino Fernández Ovies (ESP)
1981 Spain Antonio Coll (ESP)
1982 Spain Carlos Hernández (ESP)
1983 Spain Pedro Delgado (ESP)
1984 Spain José Recio (ESP)
1985 Spain José Recio (ESP)
1986 Switzerland Stephen Joho (SUI)
1987 Spain Anselmo Fuerte (ESP)
1988 Spain Francisco Javier Mauleón (ESP)
1989 Spain Iñaki Gastón (ESP)
1990 Belgium Nico Emonds (BEL)
1991 Colombia Edgar Corredor (COL)
1992 Colombia Luis Herrera (COL)
1993 Spain Alfonso Gutiérrez (ESP)
1994 Spain Marino Alonso (ESP)
1995 Spain Fernando Escartín (ESP)
1996 Spain Melchor Mauri (ESP)
1997 Spain Aitor Garmendia (ESP)
1998 Spain Aitor Garmendia (ESP)
1999 Spain Juan Carlos Domínguez (ESP)
2000 Italy Leonardo Piepoli (ITA)
2001 Spain Juan Carlos Domínguez (ESP)
2002 Italy Leonardo Piepoli (ITA)
2003 Italy Leonardo Piepoli (ITA)
2004 Italy Stefano Garzelli (ITA)
2005 Spain Rubén Plaza (ESP)
No race
2018 Spain Jaime Rosón (ESP)


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