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Vulcan Productions is a production company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, led by Paul Allen and Jody Allen. Vulcan Productions produces feature films, educational films, and documentaries. Their documentaries have won a number of Peabody Awards, including the 2007 award for Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial.[citation needed]

Vulcan Productions
Industry Motion picture
Founder Paul Allen and Jody Allen
Headquarters Seattle, Washington
Key people

Paul Allen (Founder and Chairman)

Carole Tomko (General Manager and Creative Director)
Products Movies, documentaries, television films and specials


Year Film Type Release Date Director Co-producers Starring Distributor Awards
1997 Inspirations (film) Documentary film 1997 Michael Apted Argo Films
1999 Titus (film) Feature film 25 December 1999 Julie Taymor Overseas Film Group Anthony Hopkins

Jessica Lange

Alan Cumming

Colm Feore

Fox Searchlight Pictures
Me & Isaac Newton Documentary film 1999 Michael Apted Gertrude B. Elion

Ashok Gadgil

Michio Kaku

Maja Matarić

First Look International

Home Vision Entertainment

2001 Nova: Cracking the Code of Life Television documentary 17 April 2001 Elizabeth Arledge PBS Robert Krulwich (Journalist) PBS
Evolution Television special 2001 David Espar "Darwin's Dangerous Idea"

Susan K. Lewis "Darwin's Dangerous Idea"

Joel Olicker "Great Transformations"

Kate Churchill "Extinction!"

Richard Hutton "Extinction!"

Gail Wilumsen "Evolutionary Arms race"

PBS Liam Neeson (Narrator) PBS
2003 Far from Heaven Feature film 10 January 2003 Todd Haynes Focus Features Julianne Moore

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Haysbert

Patricia Clarkson

Focus Features
The Blues (film series) Documentary series 28 September 2003 Martin Scorsese "Feel Like Going Home"

Wim Wenders "The Soul of a Man"

Richard Pearce (director) "The Road to Memphis"

Charles Burnett (director) "Warming by the Devil's Fire"

Marc Levin "Godfathers and Sons"

Mike Figgis "Red, White and Blues"

Clint Eastwood "Piano Blues"

Road Movies Filmproduktion B.B. King

Laurence Fishburne (Narrator)

Ray Charles

2004 Black Sky: The Race For Space Documentary film 3 October 2004 Sandy Guthrie

Jill Shinefield

Scott B

Gail Willumsen

Discovery Channel

Gemini Productions

Antenna Films

Burt Rutan

Paul Allen

James Benson

Discovery Channel
Lightning in a Bottle Documentary film 5 August 2004 Antoine Fuqua Jigsaw Productions Aerosmith

India Arie

John Fogerty

Gregg Allman

Sony Pictures Classics
Strange Days on Planet Earth Television series 2004 David Elisco Sea Studios Foundation

National Geographic Society

Edward Norton (Narrator) PBS
2005 Hard Candy (film) Feature film 21 January 2005 David Slade Launchpad Productions Ellen Page

Patrick Wilson (American actor)

Sandra Oh

Lionsgate Films
Success at the Core Educational film 2005 Richard Hutton Education Development Center Teaching Channel
Rx For Survival Documentary series 2005 Mike Beckham (Producer) “Disease Warriors”

Sara Holt (Producer) “Rise of the Superbugs”

Andy Young (Producer) “Deadly Messengers”

Tabitha Jackson (Producer) “Back to the Basics”

Rob Whittlesey (Producer) “How Safe Are We?”

WGBH Educational Foundation Brad Pitt (Narrator) PBS
2007 Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial Documentary film 13 November 2007 Gary Johnstone

Joseph McMaster

WGBH Educational Foundation PBS
Where God Left His Shoes Feature film 2007 Salvatore Stabile John Leguizamo

Leonor Varela

David Castro (actor)

IFC Films
2010 This Emotional Life Documentary series 4 January 2010 Matt Boatright-Simon Kunhardt Films

McGee Media

Daniel Gilbert (psychologist) PBS
2013 Girl Rising Documentary film 2013 Richard E. Robbins The Documentary Group

Double Exposure Studios

Narration by Anne Hathaway

Cate Blanchett

Selena Gomez

Liam Neeson

Meryl Streep

Kerry Washington

CNN Films


Pandora's Promise Documentary film Robert Stone (director) Robert Stone Productions CNN Films
2014 We The Economy: 20 Short Films You Can't Afford To Miss Documentary film 2014 22 directors including, but not limited to:

Morgan Spurlock

Catherine Hardwicke

Adrian Grenier

Adam McKay

Lee Hirsch

Cinelan Morgan Spurlock

James Schamus

Adrian Grenier

Judah Friedlander

among others

45 different distribution partners Including, but not limited to:

Amazon Video



Google Play

Time Warner Cable

2015 Body Team 12 Documentary film 2015 David Darg RYOT Films HBO
Racing Extinction Documentary film 18 September 2015 Louie Psihoyos Oceanic Preservation Society


Li Ka Shing Foundation

Insurgent Docs

Elon Musk

Jane Goodall

Leilani Munter

Joel Sartore

Discovery Channel
2016 Midsummer in Newtown Documentary film 1 April 2016 Lloyd Kramer Participant Media Jimmy Greene
Naledi: A Baby Elephant's Tale Documentary film 5 June 2016 Ben Bowie

Geoffrey Luck

Off the Fence

Where God Left His Shoes

  • Winner – The Humanitas Prize: 2008 Best Sundance Feature Film[1]
  • 2008 Imagen Awards
    • Nominated - Best Film [2]
    • Nominated - Best Actor - John Leguizamo [2]
    • Nominated - Best Supporting Actor - David Castro[2]
    • Winner - Best Supporting Actress - Leonor Varela [3]

Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas

  • 2006 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival
    • Best Actress - Olivia Wilde[4]

Hard Candy (film)

  • 2006 Malaga Film Festival
    • Best Film
    • Best Director - David Slade
    • Best Actress - Ellen Page
    • Best Cinematographer - Jo Willems
  • 2005 Sitges Film Festival
    • Best Motion Picture
    • Best Screenplay
    • Audience Award for Best Motion Picture [5]


Far from Heaven

  • 75th Annual Academy Award nominations[6]
  • Independent Spirit Awards winner:[7]
  • Best Picture
  • Best Director - Todd Haynes
  • Best Female Lead - Julianne Moore
  • Best Supporting Male - Dennis Quaid
  • Best Cinematography - Edward Lachman, A.S.C.
  • Golden Globe Award nominations:[8]
    • Best Actress - Julianne Moore (Drama)
    • Best Supporting Actor - Dennis Quaid
    • Best Screenplay - Todd Haynes
    • Best Music Score - Elmer Bernstein

The Safety of Objects

  • Deauville Festival of American Film
    • International Critics Prize
    • Best Performance: Patricia Clarkson,
    • Ralph Lauren Fragrances Prize
  • Seattle Women in Cinema Film Festival
    • Third-place prize
  • San Sebastian International Film Festival
    • Nominated: Golden Seashell Award

The Luzhin Defence


  • 2000 Academy Awards
    • Nominated: Best Costume Design
  • 2000 Art Directors Guild
    • Nominated: Excellence in Production Design Award
  • 2000 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
    • Winner: Silver Ribbon Award – Best Production Design
  • 2000 Edgar Allan Poe Awards
    • Nominated: Best Motion Picture
  • 2000 Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards
    • Nominated: Sierra Award – Best Costume Design
    • Best Screenplay – Adapted
  • 2000 Satellite Awards
    • Winner: Gold Satellite – Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Drama
    • Nominated: Best Art Direction, Production Design
    • Best Costume Design
    • Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Drama
    • Best Screenplay – Adapted
    • Best Visual Effects
  • 2001 London Critics Circle Film Awards
    • Nominated: Best British Actor of the Year

Men with Guns


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