Vulgar Video

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Vulgar Video
Vulgar Video Front Cover.jpg
Video by Pantera
Released 1993
Recorded 1990 - 199?
Genre Groove metal, thrash metal, heavy metal
Length 1:11:46
Label WEA
Director Pantera
Producer Pantera
Pantera chronology
Cowboys from Hell: The Videos
Vulgar Video
3 Watch It Go

Vulgar Video is the second home-video (Not counting the self released Hot n Heavy Home Vid) by the Texas heavy metal band Pantera. It was released in 1993. Kerry King (Slayer) and Rob Halford (Judas Priest) made a little guest appearance.


It contains music videos and general band footage of the band in the early 90's. This along with the 2 other home-videos was released on the 3 Vulgar Videos from Hell DVD in 2000 and was then re-released in 2006 with better DVD features

Track listing[edit]

2. Live at the 1991 "Monsters in Moscow" festival.
3. KISS cover performed live with Skid Row.