Vulqano Park

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Vulqano Park
Location Quito, Ecuador
Coordinates 0°11′31″S 78°31′05″W / 0.191874°S 78.518188°W / -0.191874; -78.518188Coordinates: 0°11′31″S 78°31′05″W / 0.191874°S 78.518188°W / -0.191874; -78.518188
Owner Sacoa Entertainment
Opened 2005

Vulqano Park is an amusement park in Quito, Ecuador. The park is part of a much larger entertainment complex named the TelefériQo.


The park contains 24 attractions and two roller coasters that are aimed at all age groups. Attractions have various fees, and the park sells daily passes that include all mechanical rides.

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