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Vulva is the English experimental techno duo of Tim Hutton and the German-born Thomas Melchior.

Hutton and Melchior formed Vulva in 1993, and were signed by Aphex Twin's Rephlex Records.[1][2] Their first release was From the Cockpit in 1993. The Mini Space Vulvette EP was released in 1994 by the US label Reflective Records.[1] They also recorded as Yoni for German label Source.[1] Their second album, Birdwatch, was released by Rephlex in 1995, and they followed it with Vulvic Yonification in 1997.

Melchior went on to release records under a variety of pseudonyms. Hutton, who had previously released a solo album (Conscious Kind, released in 1991 by Some Bizzare), recorded another, Everything, released in 2000 by Play It Again Sam.[3]


  • From the Cockpit (1993), Rephlex
  • Mini Space Vulvette EP (1994), Reflective
  • Birdwatch (1995), Rephlex
  • My Little Yoni (1996), Source -as Yoni
  • "Doggy Bag" single (1996), Soft Core
  • Vulvic Yonification (1997), EFA


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