Vuntut National Park

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Vuntut National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Vuntut National Park
Vuntut National Park
Location of Vuntut National Park in Canada
Location Yukon, Canada
Nearest city Old Crow, Yukon
Coordinates 68°22′N 139°51′W / 68.367°N 139.850°W / 68.367; -139.850Coordinates: 68°22′N 139°51′W / 68.367°N 139.850°W / 68.367; -139.850
Area 4,345 km2 (1,678 sq mi)
Established 1995
Governing body Parks Canada

Vuntut National Park is a national park located in northern Yukon, Canada. It was established in 1995. Due to land claims negotiations, this national park is still very undeveloped. It currently has no roads or developed trails.

Animals that inhabit this park include caribou, foxes, peregrine falcons, grizzly bears, wolves, Alaskan moose, wolverines, gyrfalcons, black bears, muskoxen, golden eagles, martens, ground squirrels, muskrats, lynxes, and minks.

Vuntut National Park is adjacent to another Canadian National Park, Ivvavik National Park. Also, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge lies just across the Canada–US border in Alaska.

Vuntut National Park

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