Vyšný Klátov

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Košice-okolie District in the Košice Region

Vyšný Klátov (German: Beckseifen, Beckenseifen; Hungarian: Felsőtőkés) (1332/5 Superior Turastukes, 1397 Fel Teukes, 1400 Superior Bokkenzeifin, 1580 Ober-Beckseyffen) is a village and municipality in Košice-okolie District in the Košice Region of eastern Slovakia.


In historical records the village was first mentioned in 1317 as a German medieval settlement. It belonged to Košice town. On February 28, 2010 a meteorite impact was recorded in the Eastern Slovakia, the first fragments were found on March 20, 2010 near the village.[1]



Approximately half of the population is Slovak in ethnicity, the other half is Magyar.



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Coordinates: 48°45′N 21°08′E / 48.750°N 21.133°E / 48.750; 21.133