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Vyacheslav Maltsev
Vyacheslav Maltsev.jpg
Maltsev during an interview with Voice of America in Saint Petersburg, 2016.
Deputy Chairman of the Saratov Oblast Duma [ru]
In office
Deputy of the Saratov Oblast Duma
In office
Personal details
Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich Maltsev

(1964-06-07) 7 June 1964 (age 55)
Saratov, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Political partyUnited Russia (2001–2003)
Free People's Party (since 2017)
Spouse(s)Anna Maltseva
Alma materSaratov State Academy of Law
Military service
Allegiance Soviet Union
Branch/serviceKGB Border TroopsMinistry of Internal Affairs
Years of service1985–1989
RankCCCP army Rank serzant infobox.svg Sergeant

Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich Maltsev (Russian: Вячеслав Вячеславович Мальцев; born June 7, 1964[1]) is a Russian politician, three-time member of the Saratov regional Duma (elected in 1994, 1997 and 2002).[1] He is an active blogger, the author and host of the Russian language news program 'Bad News' on a YouTube channel Artpodgotovka ("preliminary bombardment").

In May 2016 Maltsev won the primary elections of the People's Freedom Party, PARNAS[2] and was granted a 2nd place on the party's election list for the 2016 Russian State Duma elections.[3]

Opposition to Vladimir Putin[edit]

Vyacheslav Maltsev is a consistent critic of the contemporary Russian political system and President Vladimir Putin personally. Maltsev claims that President Putin is corrupted[4] and that due to his policy Russia has become a mafia state. According to Maltsev it is wrong to consider that Vladimir Putin shares certain political views. Maltsev insists that the only goal of President Putin is to stay in power as long as possible and for this reason Putin has been using contradictory rhetorics and makes indistinct statements. In his blog Maltsev underlines that the regime of Putin is based on total corruption and proposes no opportunity to liberalism. Maltsev also blames Putin of committing multiple military crimes in Ukraine and Syria[5][6] and promoting Islamic extremism in Russian regions of the Caucasus.[7] When commenting on today's Russian-Chinese relationships Maltsev gives evidence of Vladimir Putin being heavily influenced by the Chinese side.[8] Maltsev has affirmed in his video blog that Russia faces a Chinese demographic and economic intervention and that Vladimir Putin could have signed secret agreements with the Chinese government limiting Russian sovereignty over its territories in Siberia and the Far East.[9] Maltsev is deeply concerned about the rising tensions between Russia and NATO and asserts that Vladimir Putin has been provoking NATO deliberately.[10] The blogger says Vladimir Putin has become a serious threat to peace in the world and in Europe particularly.[11] Maltsev believes that a revolution is upcoming in Russia and claims it will occur in 5 November 2017.[12]


After taking part in anti-corruption protests, Maltsev was arrested in his flat in Saratov on 13 April 2017. After the arrest he suffered a heart attack, but was transferred to Moscow to face criminal proceedings,[13] where he spent 15 days in jail. In the end of June 2017 he left the country after Russian authorities charged him with extremism and issued an arrest warrant after him.

Political asylum in France[edit]

In December 2018, Maltsev received asylum in France after French authorities found nothing illegal in his activity.[14][15]

Political views[edit]

  1. Vyacheslav Maltsev calls himself a national democrat and adheres to the ideas of direct democracy.[16][17] In order to establish a direct democracy Maltsev proposes to install webcameras in cabinets and apartments of all state officials including ministers, members of Parliament etc. and to bestow on every citizen the right to control the work of the state and its representatives via the Internet. According to Maltsev electronic elections should also be widely accepted.
  2. Cancellation of the anti-constitutional laws such as the Yarovaya Law and many others.
  3. Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms.
  4. Stands on the principles of "Freedom of speech", "Freedom of religion" and more.
  5. Advocate for cooperation with NATO to resist China's desire to seize some lands of Siberia and Far East.[18]


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