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Vyacheslav Volodin
2011-08-23 Вячеслав Володин.jpeg
10th Chairman of the State Duma
Assumed office
5 October 2016
Preceded by Sergey Naryshkin
First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of Russia
In office
27 December 2011 – 5 October 2016
Preceded by Vladislav Surkov
Succeeded by Sergey Kiriyenko
Deputy Prime Minister of Russia — Head of the Government Executive Office
In office
21 October 2010 – 27 December 2011
Preceded by Sergey Sobyanin
Succeeded by Anton Vaino
Parliamentary leader of Fatherland – All Russia
In office
Preceded by Yevgeny Primakov
Succeeded by Boris Gryzlov (as Parliamentary leader of United Russia)
Deputy of the State Duma
Assumed office
18 September 2016
In office
19 December 1999 – 21 October 2010
Personal details
Born Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin
Вячеслав Викторович Володин

(1964-02-04) 4 February 1964 (age 53)
Alekseevka, Khvalynsky District, Saratov Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Political party United Russia
Other political
Fatherland – All Russia
Profession Doctor of law

Vyacheslav Viktorovich Volodin (Russian: Вячесла́в Ви́кторович Воло́дин, born February 4, 1964 in Alekseevka, Khvalynsky District, Saratov Oblast, Soviet Union) is a Russian politician who is the 10th and current Chairman of the State Duma since 5 October 2016. He is a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The former Secretary-General of the United Russia party, he was a deputy in the State Duma from 1999 until 2011 and from 2016 to present day. From 2010 until 2012 he was Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. He is also a former first deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of Russia.[1] Volodin engineered Putin's conservative turn in his third term.[2]


Volodin was graduated in mechanical engineering from the Faculty of organization and technology of the Saratov Institute of Mechanization of Agriculture in 1986, followed by a degree in law from the Russian State Service Academy under the President of the Russian Federation in 1995 and a Ph.D. in law from the Interior Ministry's St. Petersburg Institute in 1996 with the thesis, "A Russian Constituent Entity: Problems of Power, Law-making and Administration." He worked as a lecturer and assistant professor as well.[3]

In 1990 he was elected as a member of the City Council of Saratov. Since 1992 Volodin was the Deputy of the Head of Administration of Saratov, since 1994 deputy chairman of the Saratov Regional Duma and in 1996 he was appointed to the Vice Governor of the Saratov region.[3]

In the Russian legislative election in 1999 he was a candidate of the political bloc Fatherland – All Russia. After being elected Volodin became deputy chairman of the third State Duma, and from September 2001 he was the head of the Fatherland – All Russia.[3]

In 2003 he ran for a seat in the fourth State Duma and was elected as a representative of Balakovo, Saratov region. In the fourth State Duma he was deputy chairman again and appointed first deputy head of the fraction of the ruling party United Russia which has been founded in 2001. Since 2005 he was the party's Secretary-General of its Council Presidium.[3]

In 2007, he was elected to the Russian State Duma in its fifth session. Until October 2010, he was once more Deputy of the Chairman of the Duma.

In October 21, 2010 he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister under Dmitry Medvedev. as well as—after the dismissal of Sergey Sobyanin in connection with his approval to the Mayor of MoscowChief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office.

In April 28, 2014, following the Crimean status referendum, the U.S. Treasury put Volodin on the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN), a list of individuals sanctioned as "members of the Russian leadership's inner circle."[4][5][6][7][8] The sanctions freeze any assets he holds in the US[7] and ban him from entering the United States.[9]

On 12 May 2014, Volodin was added to the European Union sanctions list due to his role in the 2014 Crimean crisis.[10] He is barred from entering the EU countries, and his assets in the EU have to be frozen.

Since 2009 the author of over 50 scientific publications is the Head of State management School of Moscow University.[3] Volodin has a daughter and two sons.

Volodin receiving the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" in 2006

Chairman of the State Duma[edit]

23 September 2016, President Vladimir Putin proposed the candidacy of Vyacheslav Volodin to the post of Chairman of the State Duma. The majority leader Vladimir Vasilyev said that the United Russia faction will support the candidacy of Volodin.[11][12] Candidacy Volodin also supported the faction of the Liberal Democratic Party and A Just Russia. October 5, Vyacheslav Volodin was elected Chairman of the State Duma, received 404 votes. His only rival was the communist Dmitry Novikov, who received 40 votes.[13]

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