Vyborg (airline)

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Vyborg logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
- VBG -
Founded 2002
Ceased operations 2010
Operating bases Pulkovo Airport
Fleet size 2
Headquarters Saint Petersburg, Russia
Website aviavyborg.ru
Vyborg Ilyushin Il-114

North West Aviation Transport Company Vyborg (Russian: Северо-Западная Авиационная Транспортная Компания «Выборг») was an airline based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, operating chartered passenger flights out of Pulkovo Airport.[1] The company was founded in 2002[2] and operated a fleet of two Ilyushin Il-114 aircraft, a type of which only 20 have been built. In July 2010, Vyborg was shut down. Its airline license was passed to Solaris Airlines.[3]


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