Vyborg railway station

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Vyborg railway station
Выборгский вокзал / Viipurin rautatieasema
Выборг. Вокзал.JPG
Vyborg railway station in 2014.
Coordinates 60°42′56.16″N 28°45′5.04″E / 60.7156000°N 28.7514000°E / 60.7156000; 28.7514000Coordinates: 60°42′56.16″N 28°45′5.04″E / 60.7156000°N 28.7514000°E / 60.7156000; 28.7514000
Opened 1913
Preceding station   Finnish Railways   Following station
crosses border to Finland
Kouvola-Saint Petersburg

Vyborg railway station (Russian: ста́нция Вы́борг; Finnish: Viipurin rautatieasema) is a railway station located in the town of Vyborg, Leningrad Oblast, Russia.

The original station building was built in 1913 but was destroyed in Continuation War. The current station building was built in Soviet times.

Original building[edit]

Station in 1930s.

The original station building in Vyborg was designed by Finnish architects Eliel Saarinen and Herman Gesellius. The granite station building was built in 1913 by Finnish State Railways, now known as VR Group, but was destroyed as retreating Soviet troops exploded it in Continuation War in 1941.

The original building bore a close resemblance to Eliel Saarinen's other famous work, the Helsinki Central railway station. In the tradition of a pair of male human figures on each side of the main entrance of the Helsinki Central station, the Vyborg station had a statue of a bear standing on a pedestal on each side of the main entrance.

Modern building[edit]

Inside modern Vyborg railway station building

The modern station building, built in Soviet times, represents the typical Stalinist style. The station building has ticket sales, a café, a magazine kiosk, a currency exchange office, and deposit boxes.

From 2009 onward, the station has been served by Helsinki - Saint Petersburg high speed trains operated by Karelian Trains, a joint venture between Russian Railways and VR (Finnish Railways).

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