Vym River

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Vym River
Vym River.jpg
The Vym 20 kilometres (12 mi) from its mouth
Country Komi Republic, Russia
Basin features
Main source Timan Ridge
River mouth Vychegda River
Basin size 25,600 km2 (9,900 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 499 km (310 mi)

The Vym River (Russian: Вымь) is a river in the Komi Republic, Russia. It is a tributary of the Vychegda River in the basin of the Northern Dvina. It is 499 kilometres (310 mi) long, and its drainage basin covers 25,600 square kilometres (9,900 sq mi). Its average discharge is 196 cubic metres per second (6,900 cu ft/s).

The Vym has its sources in the southern foothills of the Timan Ridge. It runs towards the south, through a flat taiga landscape of coniferous forests and bogs. In the upper reaches of the river there are stetches of rapids. It joins the Vychegda at the settlement of Ust-Vym. The river is used for floating of timber and wood products, and it is navigable on its lower reaches.

Its main tributaries are, from the right: Vorykva, Edva, Pozheg and Chub, and from the left: Koin and Veslyana.

Coordinates: 62°13′00″N 50°23′32″E / 62.21667°N 50.39222°E / 62.21667; 50.39222