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Vynohradar (Ukrainian: Виноградар) is a historical neighbourhood in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Vynohradar is now located in the administrative Shevchenkivskyi District and Podilskyi Raion (district). Main roads in the area include the Prospekts Pravdy, Svobody and Gongadze.

Gongadze Avenue

Vynohradar was founded in 1935 by farmer I.I. Bekasov, who planted grape vines here, hence the name. The kolkhoz «Vynohradar» was located here in the Soviet times. A residential massive was built in 1975-1987.

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Coordinates: 50°30′35″N 30°25′13″E / 50.50972°N 30.42028°E / 50.50972; 30.42028