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Official seal of Vysokaye
Vysokaye is located in Belarus
Coordinates: 52°22′7″N 23°22′50″E / 52.36861°N 23.38056°E / 52.36861; 23.38056
Country Belarus
VoblastBrest Voblast
RaionKamenets Raion
Mentioned14th century
Population (2006)
 • Total5,200
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code225217
Area code(s)+375 1643
License plate1

Vysokaye (Belarusian: Высокае; Ukrainian: Високе, Vysoke; Polish: Wysokie, Wysokie Litewskie; Russian: Высокое) is a town in Brest Voblast, Belarus. Few kilometers to the South-West from Vysokaye town on the Bug River the western extreme point of Belarus is situated.[1]

It is at an altitude of 524 feet. The approximate population for a 7 kilometer area from this point is 2300 people. There is a conflicting report that in 1991 the population was 5000 people. This city has a railway station on the Brest line.

Vysokaye means "high" (same as Polish: Wysokie), as in Wysokie Litewskie (Lithuanian Heights).

There are various spellings of this Shtetl to include, but not be limited to: Hyssoke, Litowan, Litowsvan, Vishuker, Visoke DeLita, Visoko Sitoromos, Visoky Litovsk, Vosokie Litew, Vysokaje, Vysoke DeLita, Vysoke Litevske, Vysoko Litevks, Vysoko Litovsk, Vysokoe, Vysokoye, Wishko, Wisoke Litovsk, Wisoki, Wisoki Dalita, Wisokie Litofsk, Wisokie Litovsk, Wisoko Litowsk, Wissokie, Wysoke Litewski, Wysoki Litewskie, Wysokie Litewskie, Wysokie Litowski, Wysoky.


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Coordinates: 52°22′7″N 23°22′50″E / 52.36861°N 23.38056°E / 52.36861; 23.38056