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Vzlet (Авиакомпания Взлет)
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1972
Headquarters Moscow, Russia

Vzlet (Russian Авиакомпания Взлет) is a Russian charter passenger and cargo airline operating Mil Mi-8 helicopters[1] and an Antonov AN-26 'flying laboratory' aircraft loaded with various test instruments. They also have the capacity to carry out supply and maintenance of up to 20 helicopters of various models.[2] The name literally means 'Rise'. It was founded in 1972 at the NILITS research-test centre where a heliport was created along with their own airline. NILITS was renamed the 'Vzlet Scientific-Production Association' in 1992 and in 2011 became part of Promindustria.[2]


Aircraft In fleet Seats Notes
Mil Mi-8 8 12 [1]
Antonov AN-26 1 [2]


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