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Wei (Chinese characters).svg
Wei character in ancient script on top, standard script at bottom
RomanisationWei, Ngai
Word/nameWei (魏), a fief (located in Ruicheng, Shanxi)
from Mi

Wei (魏) is the English spelling of a Chinese surname.

Notable people surnamed Wei (魏)[edit]

During the Zhou Dynasty, Wei (state) (魏) the Ji family acquired the surname Wèi (魏). During the Northern Wei (北魏), Xiaowen family got the surname Wei with the state name.

During the Ming Dynasty, Gao (高) and Li (李) family changed their surname to Wei. Wei is also a surname used by some Chinese Minorities.

In 2019 it was the 45th most common surname in Mainland China.[1]

It is the 30th name on the Hundred Family Surnames poem.

  • Vision Wei (魏晨), Chinese singer and actor
  • Wei Hongtian, Chinese diplomat
  • Wei Jingsheng (魏京生), Chinese dissident
  • Wei Kuo-yen (魏國彥), Minister of Environmental Protection Administration of the Republic of China (2014–2016)
  • Wei Ming-ku (魏明谷), Magistrate of Changhua County (2014–2018)
  • Wei Qiuyue (魏秋月), Chinese volleyball player
  • Wei Tao-ming (魏道明), ambassador, mayor of Nanjing, governor of Taiwan, foreign minister
  • Wei Yan (魏延), a military officer of Shu during the Three Kingdoms Period
  • Wei Yao-chien (魏耀乾), member of Legislative Yuan (1990–1996)
  • Wei Yingluo consort of the Qianlong Emperor and Empress of the Qing Dynasty
  • Wei Yung (魏鏞), Minister of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the Republic of China (1976–1988)
  • Wei Zheng (魏徵), the statesman of the Tang Dynasty
  • Wei Zhongxian (魏忠賢), eunuch, original name Li Jinzhong
  • Michelle Wie (魏聖美), Korean American golfer
  • Katherine Wei-Sender, Chinese American bridge player and spouse of C. C. Wei
  • C. C. Wei (魏重庆), Chinese American bridge player
  • Dexter Goei, Chinese-Indonesian American businessman
  • Juncheng Wei, mathematician

Notable people surnamed Wei (尉)[edit]

Wèi (尉) family name originated from Wei family of Zheng (郑国), Yu family of Xia Dynasty (复), and Royal of Northern Wei (北魏), and many more.

Notable people surnamed Wei (蔿)[edit]

Wěi (蔿) family name from the Yuan (surname) (薳) the form a Xiong (surname) (熊) of Chu (state).

Other notable people surnamed Wei[edit]

  • Belle Wei, American electric engineer and educator

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