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This article is about the river in Bavaria, Germany. For For the river Würm (Nagold) see Würm (Nagold) the glacial period, see Würm glaciation. For other uses, see Wurm (disambiguation).
Würm (Amper)
Würm in München-Pasing.JPG
The Würm in Pasing.
Country Germany
States Bavaria
Physical characteristics
Length 39,8 km

The Würm (Amper) is a river in Bavaria, Germany, right tributary of the Amper. The length of the river is 39,8 km. It drains the overflow from Lake Starnberg and flows swiftly through the villages of Gauting, Krailling, Planegg, Gräfelfing and Lochham as well as part of Munich (in the borough of Pasing) before joining, near Dachau, the Amper, which soon afterwards flows into the Isar and eventually flowing into the Danube. Although the Würm is not a very large river, it is well known as it gave its name to the Würm glaciation.

There is another, smaller river of the same name in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, see Würm (Nagold).

Coordinates: 48°08′38″N 11°27′15″E / 48.14389°N 11.45417°E / 48.14389; 11.45417