Władysław Abraham

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Władysław Henryk Franciszek Abraham, a Polish lawyer and scientist, was born on 10 October 1860 in Sambor. A graduate of law and philosophy departments of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, he was a specialist in Canon law. After habilitation at the Berlin University, he took up a job at the Lviv University, later becoming a rector of the school.

Tomb of Wladyslaw Abraham at the Lyczakowski Cemetery in Lwow

Abraham was a member of several prestigious organizations, such as Polish Academy of Sciences and Lwow's Science Society. He participated in creation a of Concordat between Second Polish Republic and the state of Vatican, also co-created Polish family law. On 16 January 1931 the University of Poznan awarded him the title of doctor honoris causa. His son, General Roman Abraham, was commandant of the Greater Poland Cavalry Brigade during the Polish September Campaign.

Wladyslaw Abraham died in Lwow on 15 October 1941.