Władysław Aleksander Łubieński

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Władysław Aleksander Łubieński

Władysław Aleksander Łubieński (1703–1767) was archbishop of Lwów (1758–59) and primate of Poland (1759–1767). He as an ally of the Czartoryski Familia and of the Russian Empire and an opponent of religious tolerance. He acted as Interrex in 1763-1764, after the death of King Augustus III of Poland and prior to the election of Stanisław August Poniatowski as king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commmonwealth.

Regnal titles
Title last held by
Teodor Andrzej Potocki
Partition of Poland
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Mikołaj Dembowski
Archbishop of Lwów
Succeeded by
Wacław Hieronim Sierakowski
Preceded by
Adam Ignacy Komorowski
Archbishop of Gniezno
Primate of Poland

Succeeded by
Gabriel Podoski