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Father Władysław Szulist, Lipusz, 22.09.2012

Władysław Szulist, born October 10, 1936 in the Kashubian village of Skorzewo, is a Roman Catholic priest and Kashubian-Pomeranian scholar.


He received his training at the Collegium Leoninum at Wejherowo, the Collegium Marianum at Pelplin, and the Pelplin Higher Seminary (Wyższe Seminarium Duchowne w Pelplinie). He was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1959.

Father Szulist has combined with his pastoral labors a particular research interest in the Kashubian diaspora to North America. Over the years he traveled extensively through the United States and Canada to further his research, examining archival material and consulting with scholars. Among Father Szulist's numerous works, as categorized by Worldcat are works on the Kashubian American communities of Winona, Minnesota (also known as the "Kashubian Capital of America),[1] Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Pine Creek, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He wrote a book about the Carl Maria Splett, a catholic bishop who collaborated with Nazis.

In 1998, Father Szulist was awarded the "Stolem" medal by the Kashubian-Pomeranian Association for his contributions to Kashubian culture.[2] In more recent years he has also published works on Kociewie ethnic history: his book Przeszłość obecnych obszarów Diecezji Pelplińskiej 1772-1920 ("Past and present areas of the Pelplin Diocese 1772-1920") was awarded a prize for history at the Seventh Annual Book Fair - Costerina (Koscierzyna) in 2006.[3]

In 2009, the fiftieth anniversary of Father Szulist's ordination was observed by a surprise celebration in Lipusz, attended by scholarly, civic, and church dignitaries from around Kashubia.[4] Now retired from active priestly ministry, Father Szulist has remained in Lipusz, where he continues his prolific scholarly activity. He speaks Kashubian language.

Selected works[edit]

  • Kaszubi kanadyjscy : okres pionierski i dzień dzisiejszy (Gdańsk 1992).
  • Genealogy and reminiscences : facts and notes (Gdańsk 2002)
  • Biskup Carl Maria Splett: materiały do biografii (Gdańsk) 2005 and German [1]
  • Kaszubi w Ameryce : Szkice i materiały (Wejherowo 2005).
  • Towards heights of Polishness, Kashubian identity and true scholarship (Gdańsk 2007).
  • Przeszłość obecnych obszarów diecezji pelplińskiej w latach 1939-1945 (Gdańsk 2011)
  • Historyczna Kościerzyna i Polonia kaszubska (Lipusz 2012)


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