Włodzimierz Arlamowski

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Wlodzimierz Arlamowski (nom de guerre Rys; born 25 May 1923, Lwów — died 30 October 1945, Izbicko) was an uhlan of the Home Army unit from Lwów. After 1945, together with Polish inhabitants of his hometown, he was deported to territories of Germany, which became part of Poland.

In October 1945, the 22-year-old Arlamowski decided to escape Communist-controlled Poland. He managed to get into a Soviet Yak-9 plane, which was standing on the tarmac at a military airport in Izbicko (Opole Voivodeship). He reportedly wanted to get to Austria, but a Soviet sentry guarding the airport saw him and shot him in the head on 30 October 1945. He was interred in the “Mater Dolorosa” cemetery in Bytom.[citation needed]