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W. E. Hill & Sons (1887–1992) was a London-based firm that specialised in violins and other string instruments,[1] and bows. It was also known as William Hill & Sons or William E. Hill & Sons.


Founded by William Ebsworth Hill at 38 New Bond Street, London in 1887, the name W. E. Hill & Sons built on a long family history of violin making, going back to William Ebsworth's great-grandfather, Joseph Hill. The firm soon gained a widespread reputation for excellence in repairs, making of instruments, bows, cases and fittings, as well as instrument identification and authentication. A Hill's Certificate of Authenticity was considered definitive worldwide throughout the firm's history.[2]

Many fine craftsmen worked for the firm. For much of the 20th century, the Hill workshop employed England’s best bow makers, who created bows renowned for character and consistency. Hill violins, cellos and cases are also highly regarded. Their other famous products included varnish cleaner, violin e-strings, and books about violin-making families.

Many famous stringed instruments passed through Hill & Sons, including Stradivarius violins such as the Alard, the Messiah, and the Lipinski.

W. E. Hill and Sons ceased operation in 1992.[3]

Auction record prices[edit]

  • New York, October 16, 2013 – Tarisio Auctions, (New York) Violin Bow CHARLES LEGGATT FOR W.E. HILL & SONS, c. 1905 ex-Aaron Rosand mounted in Gold/Tortoise-Shell with fleur-de-lys motif US$15,600
  • London, Oct 7, 2010 – Sotheby's of London Lot 35 Violin Bow, World Record for a Hill violin bow $15,899 £10,000 €11,538
  • New York, Oct 18, 2009 – Tarisio Auctions Lot 414 Cello, 1893, World Record for a Hill Cello $54,000 £33,366 €36,311
  • London Mar 11, 2008 – Sotheby's of London Lot 129 Cello Bow, World Record for a Hill cello bow $18,788 £9,375 €12,257 Filimonov Fine Violins

Hill & Sons apprentices[edit]


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