W. B. Keckler

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W. B. Keckler
Born 1966
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Nationality United States
Known for poetry

W. B. Keckler, (born 1966 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), is an American poet and translator.


Keckler's poetry characteristically views nature as autonomous from the humanly-constructed world and attempts to chart the rhythms of this autonomy. Recent collections have seen the introduction of works produced in collaboration with artificial intelligence entities and conversations with artificial intelligence entities.

Keckler's poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies, including Isn't It Romantic: 100 Love Poems by Younger American Poets (Wave Books, NYC), In the Criminal's Cabinet (nth position, London) and poem, home: An Ars Poetica (Paper Kite Press, 2009).





Keckler is a prolific poet and new works can be found daily at his blog.

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