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Wilbon Harrison Daniel (September 25, 1922 – December 30, 2013) was a history professor at University of Richmond, Virginia Intermont College, Vanderbilt University and Duke University who authored numerous books. He specialized in Southern church history.[1]

Partial list of books authored[edit]

  • Baseball and Richmond: A History of the Professional Game, 1884-2000, 2002 (with Scott P. Mayer)
  • Bedford County, Virginia, 1840-1860, 1985
  • Frontier Baptist Activities, 1780-1803, 1947
  • Historical Atlas of the Methodist Movement, 2009
  • History at the University of Richmond, 1991
  • Jimmie Foxx: The Life and Times of a Baseball Hall of Famer, 1907-1967, 2004
  • Practicing the Future Perfect: Ministry Practices and Communal Mission in the New Testament, 2004
  • River Road Church, Baptist: A History, 1945-1995, 1996
  • Southern Protestantism in the Confederacy, 1989
  • The University of Richmond, 1971-1999, 2000
  • Virginia Baptists, 1860-1902, 1987



His works have been cited heavily by other authors and writers, including historian Rhys Isaac,[3] historian Philip S. Foner,[4] University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Professor Emeritus Charles H. Lippy,[5] Princeton University Professor Emeritus John Frederick Wilson,[6] University of Mississippi professor Charles Reagan Wilson,[7] historian David Brion Davis,[8] and historian Charles Royster.[9] His biography of Major League Baseball Hall of Fame player Jimmie Foxx was reviewed in the Journal of Sports History.[10]

Personal life[edit]

He was born in Lynchburg, Virginia and attended New London Academy in Forest, Virginia. He later attended Lynchburg College, Vanderbilt University and Duke University.[11] He died in Richmond, Virginia.