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W. Kordes' Söhne (en. W. Kordes' Sons) is a German rose breeding company in Klein Offenseth-Sparrieshoop in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The company is one of the world's leading rose breeders and producers for cut roses and garden roses, annually selling worldwide more than two million rose plants at retail and wholesale. Each year, more than 50,000 new crosses of garden roses and cut roses are tested, leading to four to six marketable varieties after a trial period of eight to ten years.


Memorial stone for Wilhelm Kordes in Klein Offenseth-Sparrieshoop

Wilhelm Kordes I (born 1865 in Holstein, Germany, died 1935 in Klein Offenseth-Sparrieshoop) was a German horticulturist. In 1887 he created a rose garden in Elmshorn, specializing in growing garden roses. In 1918 he moved the firm to Klein Offenseth-Sparrieshoop in Schleswig-Holstein.

His sons, the breeder Wilhelm Kordes II (born 30 March 1891 in Elmshorn, died 11 November 1976) and Hermann Kordes (1893-1963) changed the name of the expanding company to "Wilhelm Kordes' Söhne". Wilhelm Kordes II's varieties made them one of the biggest rose firms of the twentieth century. His general aim was to breed hardy and healthy varieties for the German climate. After 1920 he concentrated entirely on rose-growing, leaving management to his brother Hermann. By the mid-1930s, the company had grown to considerable size.

[Wilhelm's] experiments focused at first upon the native European species, including Rosa canina, R. rubiginosa, and R. spinosissima: the results include such important shrub roses as 'Harry Maasz' (1939), 'Louis Rödiger' (1935), 'Raubritter' (1936), 'Karl Föster' (1930), and the early-flowering "Frühling" series. He also experimented with the Hybrid Musks such as 'Elmshorn' (1950), 'Erfurt' (1931), and 'Eva' (1933). [His son Reimer later bred 'Iceberg', also a Hybrid Musk.] Hybrid Teas were not neglected: 'Crimson Glory' (1935) had an unusually long reign as the world's favourite crimson rose.[1]

During the Second World War Wilhelm Kordes II crossed the East Asian Rosa wichurana with the Japanese Rosa rugosa eventually to obtain a new species, Rosa kordesii, able to withstand the harsh winters of north Germany. From it he later bred such famous post-war varieties as 'Parkdirektor Riggers,' 'Leverkusen,' Hamburger Phönix' and 'Heidelberg.' "The dark, glossy foliage of many modern roses can be traced back to 'Kordesii'."[1]

Wilhelm Kordes II was also very involved in implementing ADR testing (general testing of new German roses) in 1950, established by the rose breeders in the Federation of German Nurseries.

Above all, it is as a rose breeder than Wilhelm Kordes [II] will be remembered. He and his son Reimer bred some of the world's best-known roses, including 'Crimson Glory' and 'Schneewittchen' ('Iceberg'). Kordes knew that it was through introducing new genes that all the great advances in plant breeding had been achieved. His experiments focused at first upon the native European species and Rosa rugosa; his aim was to develop new bush roses for small gardens.[2]

From 1955, his son Reimer Kordes (February 19, 1922 – 3 February 1997) ran the company until Reimer's son Wilhelm Kordes III (1953-2016) took over in 1977.

Reimer moved on from shrub roses to concentrate on brilliantly coloured Hybrid Teas and Floribundas for private and public gardens. Nevertheless, he introduced roses of every type: large-flowered climbers such as 'Alchymist' (1956) and 'Antike 89' (1988); ground cover roses such as 'Immensee' and 'Sommerwind'; Hybrid Teas including 'Duftzauber 84' (1984) and 'Kupferkönigin' (1996); shrubs such as 'Chiarivari' (1970), 'Lucinde' (1988), and 'Rosenstadt Zweibrücken' (1989); Floribundas such as 'Golden Holstein' (1988) and 'Crimson Bouquet' (1999); and cut-flower roses such as 'Champagner' (1985).[1]

One of the world's best known rose cultivars, 'Iceberg' (syn. 'Schneewittchen') was introduced by Reimer Kordes in 1958. The variety was selected as the "World Favourite Rose" of 1983. Other famous cultivars include 'Sunsprite', and 'Aprikola'.

Sortable list of Kordes rose varieties[edit]

Name Form Colour Date ADR-recognised Photo
Adolf Horstmann hybrid tea yellow and pink 1971 Adolf Horstmann (Kordes 1971).JPG
Agnes Bernauer hybrid tea light pink 1989 Agnes Bernauer (Kordes 1989).JPG
Alchymist bush apricot 1956 Rosa 'Alchymist'.jpg
Aloha climber apricot and pink 2002 Aloha (Kordes 2002).JPG
Amadeus hybrid tea dark red 2003 Amadeus (Kordes 2003).JPG
Angela bush carmine pink 1984 Rosa sp.33.jpg
Ankori (Angelique) hybrid tea orange blend 1980 Angelique (Kordes 1980).JPG
Antike 89 floribunda climber white blend, red edges 1988
Aprikola floribunda yellow-orange to apricot 2001 2001 Apricola (Kordes 2000).JPG
Asso di Cuori hybrid tea dark red 1981 Rose Toque Rouge 20070601.jpg
Athena hybrid tea white blend 1984 Rosa Athena.jpg
August Kordes (Lafayette) floribunda deep pink 1928 Auguste Kordes 1928.JPG
Australian Gold (Mona Lisa) floribunda apricot blend 1980 Australien Gold (Kordes 1985).JPG
Ave Maria hybrid tea strong salmon-orange 1981 Rosa Ave Maria 1.jpg
Bad Birnbach floribunda, shrub carmine-pink 2000 2000 Bad Birnbach (Kordes 1999).JPG
Bad Füssing floribunda red 1980 Bad Füssing (Kordes 1980).JPG
Bad Neuenahr bush mid-red 1958 Rosa sp.39.jpg
Bad Wörishofen (Pink Emely) floribunda, shrub carmine pink 2005 2003 Bad Wörishofen (Kordes 2005).JPG
Ballet hybrid tea deep pink 1958 Rosa Ballet1958.jpg
Belami hybrid tea orange-pink 1985 Belami (Kordes 1985).JPG
Bella Rosa floribunda strong pink 1982 Bella Rosa (Kordes 1981).JPG
Bengali floribunda orange-red 1966 Bengali (Kordes 1966).JPG
Berlin bush red 1949
Berolina hybrid tea citron yellow 1986 Berolina (Kordes 1986).JPG
Beverly hybrid tea light pink 1999 Rosa Beverley.jpg
Black Boy bush dark red 1958 Rosa sp.47.jpg
Blue Bayou floribunda mauve 1993 Uetersen rosarium blue bayou mehrere.JPG
Blue Girl (Kölner Karneval) hybrid tea mauve 1964 Rose - Hybrid Tea - Blue Girl 25 (cr).jpg
Blue River hybrid tea mauve 1984 Rapperswil - Duftrosengarten - Harmonie Blue River TH Kordes 1979 2010-06-25 18-35-06.JPG
Blühwunder floribunda bright pink to salmon pink 1995 1994 Blühwunder (Kordes 1995).JPG
Bonanza bush golden-yellow, copper edges 1983 1984 Bonanza (Kordes 1983).JPG
Bremer Stadtmusikanten floribunda pink blend 2000 Bremer Stadtmusikanten (Kordes 2000).JPG
Bride's Dream (Märchenkönigin) hybrid tea light pink 1985 Märchenkönigin (Kordes 1986).JPG
Burghausen bush bright crimson 1991 1989 Burghausen (Kordes 1991).JPG
Caramella shrub yellow 2001 Caramella (Kordes 2004).JPG
Cervia floribunda apricot and pink 2003 Saengerhauser Jubilaeumsrose.jpg
Charmant dwarf strong pink 1999 2004 Charmant (Kordes 1999).JPG
Cherry Girl floribunda red 2007 Cherry Girl (Kordes 2009) 01.jpg
Chiarivari shrub yellow blend 1971 Rosa Charivari 2.jpg
Christel von der Post hybrid tea deep yellow 1990 Christel von der Post (Kordes 1990).JPG
Colour Wonder hybrid tea orange-red, cream reverse 1964 Rosa sp.163.jpg
Crimson Bouquet grandiflora dark red 1966
Crimson Glory hybrid tea dark red 1935 Crimson Glory 01.jpg
Cubana shrub apricot blend 2001 Cubana (Kordes 2001).JPG
Diamant floribunda, Shrub white 2001 2002
Die Welt hybrid tea orange-red 1976 Die WELT (Kordes 1976).JPG
Doktor Waldheim hybrid tea salmon pink 1973 Rosa Dr. Waldheim.jpg
Dolomiti floribunda pink, cream centre 2011 Rose Dolomiti Rosarium Uhrerhof Dëur.JPG
Dornröschenschloss Sababurg shrub pink 1993 Dornröschenschloss Sababurg (Kordes 1993).JPG
Dortmund climber carmine-tinted crimson, white centre 1955 1954 Dortmund (Kordes 1955).JPG
Duftzauber hybrid tea dark red 1984 Rosa sp.89.jpg
Dusterlohe climber deep pink 1931
Eifelzauber shrub light pink 2008 Eifelzauber (Kordes 2008) 01.jpg
Eliza hybrid tea pink to silver-pink 2004 2005 Eliza (Kordes 2004).JPG
Elmshorn bush cherry red 1951 Rosa sp.92.jpg
Elveshörn bush bright red 1985 Rosa sp.94.jpg
Escimo miniature bright white 2006 2006 Escimo (Kordes 2006).JPG
Esmeralda hybrid tea white and pink 1980 Rose Esmeralda.jpg
Esprit floribunda dark red 1985 Rose Petit Marquis 20070601.jpg
Eva bush cherry 1933
Erfurt bush pink, white on a golden base 1939
Eureka floribunda apricot blend 2002 Rosa-eureka.jpg
Eutin bush cherry 1940
Fairest Cape hybrid tea apricot, orange shading 1994 Fairest Cape (Kordes 2005) 01.jpg
Fantasia Mondiale hybrid tea apricot, salmon-pink edges 2006 Fantasia Mondiale (Kordes 2006) 01.jpg
Fee des Neiges floribunda white 1958 Rose Fee des Neiges 20070601.jpg
Felicitas bush dark red 1998 1996
Flammentanz small shrub crimson 1955 1952 Rosa sp.108.jpg
Flirt floribunda shrub deep pink 2000 Flirt (Kordes 2000).JPG
Florentina hybrid tea crimson 1973 1974 Rosa sp.109.jpg
Fortuna floribunda, shrub dark red 2002 2002 Fortuna (Kordes 2002).JPG
Fritz Nobis bush bright pink 1940 Rosa sp.107.jpg
Frühlingsanfang bush bright yellow 1950 Rosa Fruhlingsanfang 2.jpg
Frühlingsgold bush muted yellow 1937 Rosa 'Fruhlingsgold'.jpg
Frühlingsmorgen bush pink-yellow 1931
Fuggerstadt Augsburg floribunda orange-red 1985 Fuggerstadt Augsburg (Kordes 1985).JPG
Funkuhr hybrid tea yellow, red edges 1984 Funkuhr (Kordes 1984).JPG
Gabriele Gebauer (Sunstar) floribunda light yellow 2007 Sunstar (Kordes 2007).JPG
Garden of Roses patio shrub cream, apricot centre 2006 Garden of Roses (Kordes 2007).JPG
Gärtnerfreude shrub, floribunda bright red 2001 2001 Gärtnerfreude (Kordes 2001).JPG
Gartenzauber floribunda red 1984 Gartenzauber 1984.JPG
Gebrüder Grimm floribunda orange-red uppers, peach backs 2002 2002 Gebrüder Grimm (Kordes 2003).JPG
Gelber Engel floribunda bright yellow 2002 2004 Gelber Engel (Kordes 2002).JPG
Georgette floribunda pink 1995 Georgette (Kordes 1995).JPG
Goldbusch bush copper 1954
Golden Gate climber bright yellow 2005 2006 Golden Gate (Kordes 2005).JPG
Golden Medaillon hybrid tea deep yellow 1991 Golden Medaillon (Kordes 1991).JPG
Goldener Holstein floribunda deep yellow 1988 Golden Holstein (Kordes 1989).JPG
Goldmarie floribunda deep yellow 1982 Rosa-goldmarie.jpg
Goldrausch floribunda yellow 1961 Rosa 'Goldrausch' sp.129.jpg
Grande Amore hybrid tea intense dark red 2004 2005 Grande Amore (Kordes 2004).JPG
Gruss an Bayern floribunda red 1971 Rose Gruß an Bayern.jpg
Hamburg bush dark red 1935 Rosa sp.135.jpg
Hamburger Deern hybrid tea orange-pink 1997 Hamburger Deern (Kordes 1997).JPG
Hamburger Phönix Kordesii climber red 1954 Hamburger Phönix 1954.JPG
Hannah Gordon (Tabris) floribunda white, pink edges 1983 Floribunda rose.jpg
Hansa Park shrub mauve 1994
Harlekin climber cream, red edges 1986 Harlekin (Kordes 1986).JPG
Harmonie hybrid tea orange-pink 1981 Harmonie (Kordes 1981).JPG
Heidelberg hybrid tea carmine-red 1959
Harry Maasz hybrid macrantha crimson-violet, white centre 1939 Rosa 'Harry Maasz'.jpg
Heckenfeuer floribunda red 1983 Heckenfeuer (Kordes 1983).JPG
Heidelinde floribunda mauve 1991 Heidelinde (Kordes 1991).JPG
Heinzelmännchen floribunda bright crimson 1983 Rosa Heinzelmännchen 1.jpg
Helmut Schmidt hybrid tea yellow 1979 Helmut Schmidt (Kordes 1979).JPG
Herkules shrub white, pink undertones 2007 Herkules (Kordes 2007).JPG
Holstein floribunda carmine-red 1938 Rose Rote Holstein.jpg
Ilse Krohn bush bright cream and white 1957 Rosa Ilse Krohn.JPG
Ilse Krohn superior bush bright cream and white 1964 Rosa sp.146.jpg
Innocencia shrub, floribunda bright white 2003 2004 Innocencia (Kordes 2003).JPG
Immensee shrub light pink 1982
Jasmina climber violet and pink 1997 Jasmina (Kordes 2004).JPG
Juanita shrub pink, carmine pink 2007 2006
Karl Förster bush white 1931
Karl Herbst hybrid tea carmine red 1950
Karl Ploberger Rose shrub yellow, lighter outer petals 2007 Karl-Ploberger-Rose (Kordes 2007) 01.jpg
Kleopatra hybrid tea red and yellow 1994 Kleopatra (Kordes 1994).JPG
Knirps shrub, ground cover carmine pink 1997 2004 Knirps (Kordes 1997).JPG
KO 95/1727-03 shrub yellow blend 2003 KO 95 1727 03 (Kordes 1995).jpg
KO 98 1552-01 floribunda yellow 1998 KO 98 1552-01 (Kordes 1998) 01.jpg
KORblixmu floribunda white 2007 KORblixmu (Kordes 2007) 01.jpg
Königin der Rosen (Color Wonder) hybrid tea uppers salmon-orange, backs yellow-pink 1964 1964 Rosa sp.163.jpg
Kordes Brilliant shrub orange blend 1983 Kordes Brilliant (Kordes 1983).JPG
Korelasting (Lindenhof) bush bright pink, yellow centre 1999 Rosa Korelasting1b.UME.jpg
Korona floribunda orange-red 1955 Rose Korona.jpg
Kupferkönigin hybrid tea deep yellow 1996 Kupferkönigin (Kordes 1996).JPG
Lady Rose hybrid tea orange-pink 1979 Lady Rose - Kordes 1979.jpg
Laguna hybrid tea deep pink 1995 Laguna (Kordes 2005).JPG
Larissa shrub light pink 2007 Larissa (Kordes 2008).JPG
Las Vegas hybrid tea orange, yellow reverse 1981 Las Vegas (Kordes 1981).JPG
Leverkusen climber bright yellow 1954
Lichtkönigin Lucia bush strong lemon-yellow 1966 1968 Lichtkönigin Lucia (Kordes 1966).JPG
Liebeszauber hybrid tea dark red 1991 Rosa Liebeszauber.jpg
Lili Marlene floribunda dark red 1959 Lilli Marleen (Kordes 1959).JPG
Linderhof shrub pink, yellow centre 1983 Linderhof (Kordes 1999).JPG
Lions-Rose floribunda cream-white 2002 2002 Lions-Rose (Kordes 2002).JPG
Lolita hybrid tea apricot blend 1972 Lolita (Kordes 1972).JPG
Loving Memory hybrid tea red 1981 Rosa Burgund 81.jpg
Louis Rödiger climber pale orange to orange 1935 Rosa sp.171.jpg
Lucinde shrub deep yellow 1988
Lupo miniature mauve blend 2006 Lupo (Evers 2001).JPG
Lydia shrub orange blend 1973 Rosa Lydia 2.jpg
Mabella (New Day) hybrid tea yellow 1972 Genova-Euroflora 2006-rosa Marbella.jpg
Magenta bush dark red 1954
Maigold bush orange 1952
Mainaufeuer (Red Ribbons) bush red 1990 Rosa-redribbons.jpg
Mandarin miniature apricot blend 1987 Mandarin (Kordes 1987).JPG
Mandy hybrid tea dark red 1987 Mandy (Kordes 1987) 01.jpg
Manita climber pink, yellow centre 1998 1998 Manita (Kordes 1998).JPG
Mariandel (Christian IV) floribunda crimson 1982 Mariandel (Kordes 1986) 01.jpg
Marondo shrub pink 1991 Marondo (Kordes 1991).JPG
Maxi Vita floribunda, shrub dark pink, yellow-orange base 2001 2001 Maxi Vita (Kordes 2001).JPG
Medeo shrub white 2001 Medeo (Kordes 2003).JPG
Mein schöner Garten shrub pink, salmon-pink 1986 Mein schöner Garten.jpg
Memoire hybrid tea white 1992 Memoire (Kordes 1992).JPG
Meteor floribunda scarlet 1959 1960
Mireille Mathieu floribunda orange-red 1988 Mirelle Mathieu (Kordes 1988).JPG
Mondiale hybrid tea old rose pink 1993 Mondiale (Kordes 1993).JPG
Moonlight florist's rose light yellow 2004 Moonlight Kordes 2003.JPG
Moon River shrub white 1996 Moon River Kordes 1996.jpg
NDR1 Radio Niedersachsen floribunda deep pink 1996 NDR1 (Kordes 1996).JPG
Neon floribunda, shrub carmine pink 2001 2001 Neon (Kordes 2001).jpg
Neue Revue hybrid tea red blend 1969 Neue Revue (Kordes 1969).JPG
Neues Europa floribunda scarlet 1965 Neues Europa (Kordes 1965) 01.JPG
New Day hybrid tea butter yellow 1972 Rosa New Day 1.jpg
Nicole floribunda white, red edges 1985 Rosa Nicole.jpg
Novalis floribunda lavender 2010 Novalis (Kordes 2010) 01.jpg
Nymphenburg bush bright pink 1954
Out of Rosenheim floribunda red 2010 Out of Rosenheim (Kordes 2010) 02.jpg
Palmengarten Frankfurt shrub carmine pink 1988 1992 Palmengarten Frankfurt (Kordes 1988).JPG
Parkdirektor Riggers Kordesii climber hard red 1957 Rosa 'Parkdirektor Riggers'.jpg
Parole hybrid tea deep pink 2002 Parole (Kordes 2002).JPG
Peer Gynt hybrid tea yellow, red edges 1968 Peer Gynt (Kordes 1968).JPG
Perfect Moment hybrid tea red, yellow reverse 1989 Rosa Perfect Moment 1.jpg
Pepita dwarf bright carmine pink 2004 2004
Peter Frankenfeld hybrid tea deep pink 1966 Rose Peter Frankenfeld.jpg
Petticoat floribunda white, apricot centre 2004 2004 Petticoat (Kordes 2004).JPG
Pink Bassino shrub pink 1995 1993
Pink Robusta shrub pink 1987 Pink Robusta 1986.JPG
Planten un Blomen floribunda red, pink reverse 1999 Planten un Blomen (Kordes 2008).JPG
Pomponella floribunda deep pink 2005 2006 Pomponella (Kordes 2005).JPG
Ponderosa floribunda salmon-pink 1995 Blühwunder (Kordes 1995).JPG
Postillion shrub copper-yellow 1998 Postillion (Kordes 1998).JPG
Prominent floribunda orange-red 1971 1971 Rosa sp.230.jpg
Queen Mother floribunda light pink 1971 1971 Queen Mother (Kordes 1991).JPG
Queen of Hearts hybrid tea orange-pink 2008 Queen of Hearts (Kordes 2008).JPG
Ramira climber pink 1988 Rose Ramira 20070601.jpg
Raubritter rambler bright pink 1936 Rosa Raubritter.jpg
Raymond Chenault shrub red 1960 Raymond Chenault (Kordes 1960).jpg
Rebell hybrid tea red 1996 Rebell (Kordes 1996).JPG
Ritter von Barmstede shrub pink 1959 Ritter von Barmstede 1959.JPG
Rosanna climber salmon pink 2002 Rosanna (Kordes 2002).JPG
Rosarium Uetersen Climber pink 1977 Rosa sp.245.jpg
Roselina shrub deep pink 1992 Roselina (Kordes 1992).JPG
Rosenfee floribunda light pink 2006 Rosenfee (Kordes 2006).JPG
Rosenprofessor Sieber floribunda pink 1997 1996 Rose Professor Sieber Journet.jpg
Rosenresli Shrub, bush salmon-pink 1986 1984 Rosa sp.250.jpg
Rosenstadt Zweibrücken shrub pink blend 1989
Rosenwunder hybrid rubiginosa deep pink 1934 Rosa Rosenwunder1HELLAN.jpg
Rosmarin miniature deep pink 1989 Rosmarin 89 (Kordes 1989).JPG
Rote Mozart shrub orange-red 1989 Rote Mozart (Kordes 1989).JPG
Roter Korsar bush, shrub dark velvet red 2004 Roter Korsar (Kordes 2004).JPG
Rotilla floribunda crimson 2000 Rotlila (Kordes 2000).JPG
Roxy miniature violet, red 2007 Roxy (Kordes 2007).JPG
Rugelda bush lemon yellow 1989 Rosa sp.254.jpg
Saarbrücken shrub scarlet 1959 Saarbrücken (Kordes 1959).JPG
Salita climber orange-red 1987 Salita (Kordes 1987).JPG
Samba floribunda red and yellow 1964 Samba (Kordes 1964) 01.jpg
Scharlachglut gallica scarlet 1952 Rosa 'Scharlachglut'.jpg
Schneewittchen (Iceberg) bush white 1958 Rosa sp.75 'Climbing Schneewittchen'.jpg Rosa Iceberg 1.jpg
Schwarzer Madonna Kordesii hybrid tea dark red 1992 Schwarze madonna (Rose).jpg
Schwarzer Samt Kordesii climber dark red 1969
Sebastian Kneipp hybrijd tea white 1997 Sebastian Kneipp (Kordes 1997).jpg
Shocking Blue floribunda mauve blend 1985 Rapperswil - Duftrosengarten - Shocking Blue FL Kordes 1974 2010-08-29 16-26-14.JPG
Smart Roadrunner hybrid rugosa deep pink 2002 Smart Roadrunner (Uhl Kordes 2002).JPG
Solero hybrid tea deep yellow 2005 Solero (Kordes 2005).JPG
Sommerabend shrub, ground cover bright red 1995 1996
Sommermorgen shrub light pink 1983 Sommermorgen (Kordes 1991).JPG
Sommerwind ground cover, floribunda pure pink 1985 1987
Sonnenröschen dwarf, ground cover white, yellow eye 2005 2003 Sonnenröschen (Kordes 2005).jpg
Sparrieshoop bush pink 1953
Späths Jubiläum floribunda orange 1953 Rose Späths Jubiläum.jpg
Speelwark hybrid tea yellow and pink 1999 Speelwark (Kordes 1999).JPG
St. Pauli pink-yellow 1958
Sterntaler hybrid tea yellow 1995 Sterntaler (Kordes 2004).JPG
Sunny Rose shrub, ground cover bright yellow, light yellow 2001 2004
Sunsprite (Friesia) floribunda deep yellow 1973 Rosa Friesia.jpg
Surrey (Vent d'Été) shrub light pink 1985 Rose Vent ete 20070601.jpg
Sylt Kordesii hybrid dark red 1980 Rosa sp.273.jpg
Sylvia hybrid tea pink 1978 1977 Rosa sp.275.jpg
Sympathie Kordesii climber deep scarlet 1964 1966 Rose Sympathie 20070601.jpg
Tatjana hybrid tea dark red 1970 Rosa sp.277.jpg
Tradition climber red 1995 Tradition (Kordes 1995).JPG
Träumerei bush lobster and salmon orange 1974 Rosa sp.282.jpg
UNICEF-Rose floribunda, shrub bright pink 2007 2005 Unicef-Rose (Kordes 2005).JPG
Uetersens Rosenkönigin bush orange to mid-red 2009 Uetersens Rosenkönigin (Kordes 2009).jpg
Uetersens Rosenprinzessin bush light pink 2009 Uetersens Rosenprinzessin (Kordes 2009).jpg
Valencia hybrid tea amber-yellow 1989 Rosa Valencia.jpg
Vogelpark Walsrode bush light pink 1988 1989 Rosa sp.293.jpg
Walter Schultheis Rosa sp.294.jpg
Wedding Bells hybrid tea pink 2010 Wedding Bells (Kordes 2010) 01.jpg
Weisse Immensee shrub white 1982 Weiße Immensee (Kordes 1982).JPG
Weisse Wolke climber white 1998 Weiße Wolke (Kordes 1998).JPG
Westerland bush orange to apricot 1969 1974 Rosa Westerland - Giverny01.jpg
Wilhelm climber dark red 1934 Rosa 'Wilhelm'.jpg
Wilhelm Hansmann Kordesii shrub dark red 1955
Winter Sun hybrid tea yellow 2010 Winter Sun (Kordes 2010) 02.jpg
Yankee Doodle hybrid tea yellow blend 1965 Rose Yankee Doodle.jpg
Zaide shrub pink 2006 Zaide (Kordes 2007).JPG
Zitronenjette hybrid tea yellow 1964 Zitronenjette (Kordes 1964).JPG
Zwergenfee miniature orange 1979 Zwergenfee (Kordes 1979).JPG
Zwergkönigin miniature pink 1978 Zwergkönigin 78 (Kordes 1978).JPG


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