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W. Metcalfe and Son was a printer and publisher in Cambridge during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Its office has been located on Green Street,[1] Trinity Street[2] and St Mary's Street.[3] A large number of books about Cambridge were published by W. Metcalfe and Sons during that era.[4] In 1836, William Metcalfe was a contender for the printer of Cambridge University Press, but was defeated by John Parker.[3]

The Cambridge General Advertiser, first issued in 1839, was printed by William Metcalfe and Jonathan Palmer. Metcalfe continued as printer until 1846, after which it changed hands a number of times before closing in 1850.[5]

At the moment, W Metcalfe and Sons Ltd is cooperated in Appersett.[citation needed]


The Railway traveller's walk through Cambridge[edit]

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