W. Peter Gilbertson

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W. Peter Gilbertson
37th Mayor of La Crosse, WI
In office
Preceded by ..
Succeeded by Patrick Zielke

W. Peter Gilbertson was a La Crosse, Wisconsin area politician. He served as 37th mayor of La Crosse from 1971–1975.[1] While a south sider when elected, Gilbertson was the first person to live on the north side while in office.[2]

Mayor of La Crosse[edit]

Under Gilbertson's reign as mayor, downtown La Crosse saw changes. Gilbertson, who vetoed the first $2.7 million plan, was instrumental in revitalizing the riverfront by bringing in the new Harborview Plaza.[citation needed] The eventual plan cost the city over $30 million. Originally calling for a 14-story office building, a 12-story hotel, and a boardwalk/mall, the city eventually decided on a 10-story office building and an 8-story hotel. The boardwalk never materialized, but seven years after the original plans were approved, a new civic center was included in the Harborview plans. Today the Radisson Hotel, La Crosse Players Statue and Mall, US Bank Place, the vacant former FirstLogic/Heileman Corporate Headquarters, and the La Crosse Center constitute Harborview Plaza.[3]


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