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(Disputed License)
W10BM TV10 logo.png
W10BM: Morehead, Kentucky
W06BC Mount Sterling, Kentucky
Branding TV-10 Morehead
Channels Analog: W10BM: 10 (VHF)
W06BC: 6 (VHF)
Translators W06BC 6 (VHF) Mount Sterling, Kentucky
Affiliations Independent
Owner Vearl Pennington
Founded 1988
Former affiliations America One
World Harvest Television
Transmitter power W10BM: 18 W,
W06BC: unknown
Height 1,380 ft (420 m) above mean sea level
Class Cancelled License
Website www.tv10morehead.com

W10BM is a low power television station in Morehead, Kentucky, broadcasting on Channel 10. The station is rebroadcast locally on Time Warner cable channel 5. The FCC's database indicates that the station's licenses have been canceled. Fees have been accepted and processed; however, the FCC, for reasons unknown, never recognized the renewal. As a result, the station is still on the air as a pirate broadcaster.


W10BM is an affiliate of AMGTV and World Harvest Television. They also air talk radio programs, supplemented with original cartoons and slide show advertisements from the Republic Broadcasting Network, mostly on Saturday nights or when there is a network problem.

The highlight of W10BM's programming, however, is its over 18 hours per week of local originating programming. W10BM is well-known locally for its call-in show Buy a Dog, Sell a Hog, as well as its broadcasts of alternative media documentaries, "Country Clips" and Newslines commentary.

On Sundays, they also air two locally furnished religious programs, Church of Christ's Truth for the World and the previous week's services from the Disciples of Christ.

Buy a Dog, Sell a Hog[edit]

Buy a Dog, Sell a Hog is a local "trading post"-type show on W10BM. The show originally started in 1988 on another LPTV (W06BC in Owingsville/Mt. Sterling) and was imported to Morehead about 1995. It is also colloquially referred to as Hog and Dog or Buy a Dog, and has also mistakenly been called "Swap Shop". It is a call-in ad show; ads for yard sales, birthdays, and other events are also taken. The evening edition of the show airs Mondays and Fridays at 7PM.

Broadcasting with a disputed license[edit]

Due to apparent FCC paperwork problems or misunderstandings, the official license for W10BM was deleted on October 18, 2004; however, bills for fees from the FCC continued to arrive and were paid; the owner has saved these notices for fees and proof of payments made. The licenses for other separate LPTV channels (W06BC) of the same owners were allegedly canceled on August 1, 1998. The stations' owners continue to try to get this situation resolved, if possible. Local moral and advertiser support has helped to keep the station on the air, despite these setbacks. The station's current hosts and studio manager are apparently open to any useful ideas to continue their "independent" community service.

The station also apparently claims that it has the legal right to continue broadcasting due to the current "War on Terror", as stated in Presidential Proclamation 7463 and other continuing national emergencies, under provisions of USC Title 47 section 308 amendment 6(a). (The Act of July 16, 1952 states, "Except that during war or emergency periods no formal application need be filed.") Claims are also made that Channel 10 has a signal that is, in all probability, too weak to reach across the border of another state.

On May 12, 2017, the FCC fined the station's operators, Vearl Pennington and Michael Williamson, $144,344 for continuing to operate W10BM despite the cancellation of the license.[1]


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