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CSN International
Type Radio network
Branding CSN
Country United States
Slogan "Where God's Word is Heard"
Launch date
April 26, 1995[1]
Webcast Listen Live
Official website

Christian Satellite Network (CSN) International, broadcasting under the callsign KAWZ, is an FM radio station in Twin Falls, Idaho, operating on a frequency of 89.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 100 kW at 302 meters above average terrain.[2]

KAWZ began broadcasting Christian radio over satellite on April 26, 1995, from KAWZ in Twin Falls.[1] KAWZ is the uplink station, owned by Christian Broadcasting of Idaho, with Pastor Mike Kestler as its founder. KAWZ feeds nearly 400 broadcast translators nationwide and 42 full-power radio stations[3] across the United States, including Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands.[4] CSN is a non-profit organization and operates non-profit stations, and is not required by the FCC to have its translators and stations receive KAWZ's signal over the air, as would be required for a commercial station.

The first satellite-fed translator to begin receiving the network from KAWZ was in Yucca Valley, California.[1]

Board Members[edit]

Board members of CSN the (Christian Satellite Network) and its parent company, Christian Broadcasting of Idaho, are Pastor Mike Kestler and Ariel Kestler. Kestler is pastor of The River Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational megachurch in Twin Falls.[5]


CSN International airs a variety of Christian talk and teaching programs, such as: A New Beginning with Greg Laurie, Jay Sekulow Live, Family Talk with James Dobson, Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers, Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee, Truth For Life with Alistair Begg, Turning Point with David Jeremiah, and Walk in the Word with James MacDonald.[6] CSN International also airs a variety of Christian contemporary music.[7]


CSN international is heard on 39 full-powered radio stations in the United States.[4]

Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
Class FCC info
KAWZ 89.9 Twin Falls, Idaho 100,000 C0 FCC
KNGW 88.9 Juneau, Alaska 125 A FCC
KOGJ 88.1 Kenai, Alaska 1,100 A FCC
KVIR 89.9 Bullhead City, Arizona 9,100 C1 FCC
KVJC 91.9 Globe, Arizona 660 C2 FCC
KGSF 88.7 Huntsville, Arkansas 5,000 C3 FCC
WUJC 91.1 St. Marks, Florida 7,000 C3 FCC
KHJC 88.9 Lihue, Hawaii 21,000 C3 FCC
KAWS 89.1 Marsing, Idaho 8,750 C1 FCC
KMHI 1240 kHz Mountain Home, Idaho 1,000 C KMHI FCC
KIMW 105.5 Heflin, Louisiana 6,000 A FCC
WGWS 88.1 St. Mary's City, Maryland 1,100 A FCC
WSMA 90.5 Scituate, Massachusetts 7,700 B1 FCC
WWUN-FM 101.5 Friars Point, Mississippi 14,000 C3 FCC
KLWL 88.1 Chillicothe, Missouri 800 A FCC
KTBJ 89.3 Festus, Missouri 25,000 B FCC
KJFT 90.3 Arlee, Montana 400 C3 FCC
KGFJ 88.1 Belt, Montana 250 C3 FCC
KNMA 88.1 Tularosa, New Mexico 7,000 C1 FCC
WSFW 1100 kHz Seneca Falls, New York 1,000 day only D WSFW FCC
WIFF 90.1 Windsor, New York 100 A FCC
WWYC 1560 kHz Toledo, Ohio 5,000 day
920 critical hours
3 night
KJCC 89.5 Carnegie, Oklahoma 350 A FCC
KDJC 88.1 Baker, Oregon 775 C2 FCC
KJCH 90.9 Coos Bay, Oregon 3,500 C2 FCC
KQDL 89.1 Hines, Oregon 300 A FCC
KGNR 91.9 John Day, Oregon 1,500 A FCC
KPIJ 88.5 Junction City, Oregon 550 C2 FCC
KKJA 89.9 Redmond, Oregon 750 C2 FCC
KWRC 90.9 Hermosa, South Dakota 400 C3 FCC


CSN International is relayed by many additional translators nationwide.

Further information: CSN International translators


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