W50 (nebula)

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W50 medium.jpg
Other designations SNR G039.7-02.0
Event type Supernova remnant edit this on wikidata
Spectral class II
Constellation Aquila
Right ascension 19h 11m 49s
Declination +04° 59′ 12′′
Epoch J2000.0
Galactic coordinates 039.697 -02.241
Distance 18,000 Ly
Remnant ?
Notable features central source: SS 433.
Peak apparent magnitude ?

W50 or SNR G039.7-02.0, once referred to as the Manatee Nebula,[1] is a Supernova remnant located in the constellation Aquila, about 18,000 light years away. In its centre lies the micro-quasar SS 433, whose jets are distorting the remnant's shell. Most likely W50 and SS 433 are related objects, remnants from a supernova which occurred about 20,000 years ago.[1] [2]


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