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WA may refer to:

Educational institutions[edit]


Other uses[edit]

Wa may refer to:

  • Wa (Japan) (倭), an old Chinese name for Japan
  • Wa (Japan) (和), a shortened name for Japan, used in complex words
  • Wa Land, the natural and historical region inhabited mainly by the Wa people in Myanmar and China
  • Wa Self-Administered Division, a current administrative division in Myanmar
  • Wa State, a de facto independent state in Myanmar
  • Wa, Ghana, a city in northern Ghana
  • Wa (unit), a Thai unit of measurement
  • Wa, a fictional country in Kara-Tur of the Forgotten Realms universe
  • wa (watercraft), a traditional outrigger proa, that is canoe/boat of the Caroline Islands

Culture and linguistics[edit]

wa may refer to: