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WAMITAB (previously known as the Waste Management Industry Training & Advisor Board) is a registered charity[1] and Awarding Organisation that develops qualifications and certificates competence for those working in waste, resource management, recycling, cleaning, street cleansing and facilities management. WAMITAB is the awarding body for these qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as a joint awarding body with the Scottish Qualifications Authority[2] for Scotland.


When WAMITAB was first established in 1989 as the Waste Management Industry Training & Advisor Board, its remit was to determine and advise on policy and standards of education, qualifications and training for all employees in the waste management industry.[3]

WAMITAB's first task was to develop a statutory scheme for demonstrating technical competence in the industry. This came into effect as part of the "Fit and Proper Person" requirements of the Waste Management Licensing Regulations in 1994. This scheme is based on firstly achieving a vocational qualification at Level 3 or 4 (for England, Scotland and Wales), and then the successful candidate is awarded a (COTC) by WAMITAB.[4] In addition, WAMITAB has also developed Level 1 and 2 vocational qualifications covering other occupational activities including waste (refuse) collection, recycling, street cleansing, landfill and treatment (treatment is a term used to cover waste transfer, treatment and civic amenity activities).

In recent years, WAMITABs remit has widened to encompass the cleaning and facilities management industries due to a convergence of activities as the waste management industry becomes less focused on landfill and more focused on turning waste into valuable resources.[5]

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