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Exoplanet Comparison WASP-8 b.png
Size comparison of WASP-8b with Jupiter.
Parent star
Star WASP-8
Constellation Sculptor
Right ascension (α) 23h 59m 36.07s
Declination (δ) −35° 01′ 52.9″
Apparent magnitude (mV) 9.9
Distance 160 ly
(49 pc)
Spectral type G6
Mass (m) 1.00+0.02
Orbital elements
Semi-major axis (a) 0.0793 AU
Orbital period (P) 8.16 d
Physical characteristics
Mass (m) 2.23 MJ
Radius (r) 1.17 RJ
Density (ρ) 1.85[1] g cm−3
Surface gravity (g) 4.30 g
Temperature (T) 950 (varies)[2] K
Discovery information
Discovery date April 1, 2008
Discoverer(s) Cameron et al. (SuperWASP)
Discovery method Transit
Discovery status Confirmed

WASP-8b is an extrasolar planet discovered (with their stars) in the SuperWASP batch -6b to -15b. On 1 April 2008, Dr. Don Pollacco of Queen’s University Belfast announced them at the RAS National Astronomy Meeting (NAM 2008).[3]

At 49 parsecs away, this system is the closest of the WASP-discovered systems: closer to Earth than are HD 17156 and HD 149026. It is denser than Jupiter.

The planet orbits retrograde.[4][5]

The equilibrium temperature is 950 K, but this oscillates due to eccentricity.[2]

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Coordinates: Sky map 23h 59m 36.07s, −35° 01′ 52.9″