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The WAWL is Chattanooga State Community College's on-campus radio station. Originally broadcast on 91.5 FM, the WAWL is now an internet radio station streaming worldwide 24/7.


The WAWL, previously known as WCSO, was established on-campus in September 1980 broadcasting with 200 watts of power to the Chattanooga region.[1] The format began as contemporary/Top 40 that aired 8 hours a day for 5 days each week, but the WAWL has since evolved into an alternative radio station that broadcasts 24/7.[2] Over the years while college staff and professors have helped steer the station. Throughout the years WAWL has served largely, and primarily, as an incubator for fresh radio talent coming through the doors of Chattanooga State.

Broadcast Transition: FM to WWW[edit]

In December 2008 the college concluded the sale of the WAWL's broadcasting license to Family Life Inc., thus transitioning 91.5 FM to a new format and new name [WJBP].[3] The WAWL itself exists now as an internet only station, which can be accessed by going to www.WAWL.org. The WAWL continues to broadcast an alternative format of music, as students continue to use the radio station as a place of learning for future careers.

Specialty Shows[edit]

In addition to the alternative format played during most hours of the WAWL, there are specialty shows hosted on a weekly basis that highlight a format/genre of music.[4]


Caribbean Cruise, MetalEmpire, Retro Cafe, Lightsource, Spotlights on the WAWL, Swanktown, Tokyo Tower.

The station also broadcasts Chattanooga State Tigers Basketball home games during the winter and spring months.


Coordinates: 35°06′00″N 85°14′14″W / 35.1001°N 85.2373°W / 35.1001; -85.2373