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WBCQ station logo.png
Broadcast areaNorth America, Europe & Asia
Frequency3.265 MHz
5.130 MHz
6.160 MHz
7.490 MHz
9.330 MHz
BrandingWBCQ, The Planet
OwnerAllan Weiner
First air date
September 8, 1998[1]
Call sign meaning
Weiner Broadcasting Company Q
Technical information
Power500,000 watts
Transmitter coordinates
46°20′28″N 67°48′53″W / 46.34111°N 67.81472°W / 46.34111; -67.81472Coordinates: 46°20′28″N 67°48′53″W / 46.34111°N 67.81472°W / 46.34111; -67.81472

WBCQ is a shortwave radio station operating at Monticello, Maine, United States. The station is owned and operated by Allan Weiner,[1][2] who also owns and operates WXME AM 780 kHz and WBCQ-FM 94.7 MHz at the shortwave site. WBCQ began operation on September 8, 1998, on 7.415 MHz.[1] The station transmits talk shows and other programs produced by commercial networks as well as former pirate radio broadcasters, including Weiner himself.[1][3]

Rotatable antenna and 500kW transmitter[edit]

In 2018, WBCQ applied for a transmitter license associated with a rotatable antenna, later revealed to be a 500 kW transmitter for an Ampegon rotatable curtain antenna on a single mast.[4]

Acquisition of World Harvest Radio International[edit]

In August 2020, it was reported that pending FCC approval, Weiner planned to purchase World Harvest Radio International, the shortwave arm of the Family Broadcasting Corporation.[5]


As of 2020, WBCQ broadcasts on 7.49 MHz (41m band) with a full 24-hour schedule, including original programming in the late-afternoon and evening hours (Eastern time zone); the remaining time is leased to R.G. Stair's Overcomer Ministry. WBCQ also broadcasts on 3.265 MHz (mostly dormant), 6.16 MHz (a secondary frequency that operates evenings), 5.13 MHz ("Radio Angela," a two-hour evening service with eclectic music and spoken word entertainment), and 9.33 MHz (a full-time lease-out to World's Last Chance, a flat-Earth evangelistic society.)[6]

Notable shows[edit]


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